Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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A Balinese Folklore: I Durma  

by on Sunday, 25 March 20072 Comments | 2,891 views

I Durma, Balinese hero, was a son of Rajapala (a mankind) and Ken Sulasih (angel). When he was a baby, his father sent him to become a servant in king’s palace, and his mother already left him to heaven.

Although as an orphan, I Durma did not have a less confidence, he grown up as a smart and handsome boy. He was honest and just even the king loved him so much.

One day, he heard that his father still alive and stayed in the jungle as a holy man. This newly found fact made him eager to meet his father. He asked a permit to the King to start a journey to find his father, but the king did not allowed him to go because he was too young. I Durma convince the king that he could handle the journey and promised to come back as soon as he met his father.

The King saw that I Durma’s desire was so strong; finally, he gave the permit and ordered some talented knight to accompany I Durma in his journey to the jungle to see his father.

The guards were very surprise with I Durma’s bravery and strength. He did not run or scare when he met with a group of robber or wild animals and fight them with great endurance, and when the guards took a rest Durma’s face is still fresh.

Along the way, I Durma looked so happy, all in his mind, was the thought of meeting his father. He wanted to continue the journey but he saw the guards looked very tired. Then I Durma told all of the guards to get some sleep, and he took a bath in the river.

I Durma did not realize that a pair of eyes kept watching on him. And suddenly, a monster appeared and caught I Durma. I Durma tried to free himself, this produced a great noise and awoke by this noise the guards run to the river. They tried to help I Durma but the monster was so powerful, most of them were dead in that fighting and some were unconscious including I Durma.

The monster brought I Durma to its nest. When he awake, he saw a horrible monster in front of him.

He asked what the monster want from him. The monster said that she wanted I Durma to becamo her husband. I Durma refused it. The monster laughed and thought that I Durma refused her because of her ugly appearance. She directly changed her appearance became a beautiful lady, but I Durma’s mind still unmoved. It made the monster angrier than before. She let I Durma free and challenged him to fight with her because she did not want to kill her enemy without fight.

Although I Durma gave all of his power, he could not kill the monster and the monster although more powerful than I Durma, but she could not kill him. The monster stopped the fight and asked I Durma who’s his parent. I Durma mentioned his parent’s name.

I Durma said that he was a son of Rajapala and Ken Sulasih, the monster cried upon hearing this fact and hugged I Durma, she apologized that she did not realized that I Durma was her son. I Durma looked so confuse when he heard it.

The monster told I Durma a story about her life. Because of her mistake, married with human, the king of Gods gave her a punishment to stay in this jungle as a jungle guardian with ugly appearance until a man could kill her. She never expected that she would meet her son here. Then she turned herself into an angel.

I Durma looked very happy when he realized that the monster was really his mother and asked about where his father stayed in this jungle. Ken Sulasih concentrated her mind to contact her husband.

After two days, an old man with white clothes came to the nest. He was surprised when he saw Ken Sulasih. Ken Sulasih realized that the old man was Rajapala, her lovely husband. She introduced I Durma to him.

Rajapala told Ken Sulasih and I Durma that he understood what was happen and he got a message from the Gods that I Durma is the only man that could free Ken Sulasih from the curse. Rajapala told that their destiny was to be separated although they loved each other.

After both of them told their own stories, Ken Sulasih gave I Durma a special weapon to memorize his mother and his father and asked I Durma to kill her with it. As a son I Durma refused to kill his mother. Then Rajapala told I Durma that it was a ritual to purify their sins and help Ken Sulasih to come back to heaven. Then I Durma killed his mother, the monster directly disappeared, followed by flowers fall from sky.

I Durma told his father that he would accompany his father in the jungle. Rajapala told I Durma that he must return to the palace and continue to dedicate his life for the welfare of the kingdom.

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