Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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A Balinese Folktale: I Belog Part 3  

by on Monday, 18 January 2010No Comment | 2,573 views

a d: LontarI Belog looked like a foolish man since he was fat and lethargic. Although, he had a crafty way to get something he wanted. In order to get Sari, the most beautiful girl in his village, he had tricked her father for several times (see the previous stories).

Since Sari’s father was very angry that he was tricked three times then he arranged a plan to conduct revenge. When he was arranging the revenge with his daughter, I Belog heard the discussion. Knowing that he would be trapped, I Belog then used his crafty thought to averted the revenge.

According to the plan, Sari’s father asked I Belog to help him to look for ‘Duk’ (black sugar palm fiber that is usually used for broom. In Bali ‘Duk’ is usually used for roof of temple building). Sari’s father knew well that the place where they looked for Duk was a tiger den. “If I can’t trick I Belog today, I must be not a human being,” that Sari’s father said to himself.

“Belog, you wait here and collect Duk that I drop. I will climb the tree,” explained Sari’s father. I Belog nodded. Soon, Sari’s father managed to reach the top of the tree. After several minutes went by, he heard I Belog screamed. “Sir, help me. Oh, the tiger will eat me. No. Help me, Sir,” I Belog screamed again and again with a pitiable voice. Yet, Sari’s father laughed happily because he was successful to send I Belog to his end. “Do you like it Belog? That’s my revenge. I Hope you enjoy it,”said Sari’s father while going down.

At the ground, he carried the Duk that had been collected by Belog on his shoulder. Along the way home he kept on whistling, feeling happy because I Belog, a foolish person who had tricked him, had died. Though he felt that Duk he carried was heavier, he kept on smiling and whistling. At home he told his daughter everything. “From now on, don’t mention his name anymore,” commanded Sari’s father.

On the following day, Sari’s father was completely shocked when knew that I belog sang cheerfully in front of his home without any scar of tiger beating. Sari’s father could only look at him. “How are you, Sir? Yesterday, I was almost eaten by the tiger. Luckily, I managed to slip inside the bundle of the Duk so I could be saved,” said him. “Ah, it was you so that made the Duk was heavier than usual. So why did not you tell me that you was in it?” Sari’s father was disappointed. “I did, Sir. But perhaps, you did not hear me,” Belog answered. Sari’s father was disgruntled but he had another plan.

“Well, that is very good to find out that you are alright. Please do me a favor to look for another Duk tomorrow,” told Sari’s father. And once again Belog nodded.

On this occasion, Sari’s father told Belog to get up the tree and he would be in the ground to collect the Duk. Sari’s father did the same thing as what Belod did on the previous day. “Hey, Belog help me. The tiger will eat me. Please help me!” screamed Sari’s father suddenly while he slipped into a bundle of Duk. Belog then went down. He knew that this was only the way to trick him. Then he tied that Duk up once again tightly. Sari’s father who felt hurt than scream. Yet, Belog ignored it. That duk, which should be carried on the shoulder, but he dragged it to and fro. “ Damned Duk, you are too talkative to be a duk. Stop screaming damned duk!” Belog dragged that duk and he thrown the duk away to the pigsty. Sari’s father was in pain and stink.

Finally, I Belog had arrived at Sari’s home and gave her the Duk. “Where is my father?” sari asked. “Your father has already died, eaten by the tiger!” Belog answered loudly and left Sari’s home. Sari was very sad to know that her father passed away. She burst into tears. Meanwhile, she heard that the Duk asked to be helped and she opened it. How shocked she was; she found her father stinky and full of wound. “What was my fault on the previous life so I am always tricked by that foolish man? Oh, he looked like a foolish man and his name is Belog (stupid) but he has unpredictable trick. Oh..” Sari’s father felt a deep regret.

Will I Belog be successful to get Sari? Let us see on the next posting.

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