Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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A Balinese Folktale: I Belog Part I  

by on Sunday, 9 November 2008One Comment | 1,622 views

Lontar“Do not judge a book from its cover,” is a proper saying for us in judging someone or thing. Since the appearance is not usually represent the inside. There are so many people who look like a foolish man but actually he is a crafty man. Like the main character in this Balinese folktale below.

I Belog was an orphan. For his neighbors, his name was very fix to him because of his appearance. He was fat and lethargic, seeming to be a foolish man. However, he had a lot of tricks in his head to get what he wanted.

In his village there was a beautiful girl with many abilities named Ni Luh Sari. Many boys adored her and had proposed her but none of those boys succeed in claiming her hand. I Belog also fell in love with her.Then he also did the same; come to Sari’s house. Yet, he did it in different way.

I Belog walked to Sari’s house bringing a handful of tasty chopped snail which was hidden behind his kamen (a dress like sarong which is wore by Balinese). Its smell was very good and I Belog ate it along the way while singing. When he arrived at Sari’s house, Sari’s father was interested with what Belog eat. “What are you eating Belog? It seems very delicious..and hmmmh..the smell is good. Can I have a little?” asked Sari’s father. “This? What can I wish? I am a poor boy so I eat chicken excrement. If you want, I’ll give you a little,” answered Belog and gave Sari’s father a little. Sari’s father is surprised. “Wow, this is very delicious. I will never throw the chicken excrement out anymore. I will ask Sari to make chopped chicken excrement like this,” he shouted.

On tomorrow morning, Sari started to take chicken excrement from her ground and cook it. From the first time she took it she felt disgusting and queasy. But she had to do what her father said. When sari was cleaning the kitchen his father came. And he ate that chopped chicken excrement enthusiastically. Absolutely, he vomited immediately.

Because of her father vomited and vomited again, Sari visited Belog house. “Belog, why did my father vomit eating chopped chicken excrement?” asked Sari angrily. But Belog just said that it was an usual thing. “For the first time indeed it was like that but after eating it again and again it is very delicious,” Belog held up his laugh. He promised to Sari he would look her father to night.

He fulfilled his promise to come to Sari’s house. But this time, he brought iwel cake (a very dark and stuffed Balinese cake). Sari’s father was angry but after looking at that food brought by Belog he was interested. “Why do you come here again? Eh..what are you eating? May I have a little?” told Sari’s father. “I have no porridge and when I went out home I’ve got dog excrement then I took it and eat it. I thought the taste will be horrible but this is very sweet. This!” Belog gave him a little. And Sari’s father loves the cake. “What you have said is true this is sweet and delicious cake,”

The next day, Sari’s father walked home from his farm. On the edge if the river he found a thing, dog excrement. He remembered about the delicious cake. Then he took that excrement and ate it. Once again, he vomited. The taste was different from the “excrement” he ate yesterday. And he told about that to Belog. Belog could not hold up the laugh anymore. He was burst of laughter. “Why did you eat disgusting excrement? What you ate yesterday is Iwel cake which is like dog’s excrement! “Belog shouted while laughing. Sari’s father felt shy about it.

Belog’s attempt to get Sari was not ended yet. He did some harder attempts. Will he be successful? See on the next posting.

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