Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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A Balinese Folktale: Rengganis  

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Rengganis, the daughter of Begawan Arab, went to the garden of Sri jayengrana, King of Mekah, to eat the sweet-smelling flowers. For she was a goddess, and only fed on the juice of flowers; rice was too coarse for her. Repatmaja, the king’s son, also went to the garden and found it scattered with flower petals and rengganis picking the flowers. He had taken her prisoner, but she was so beautiful that he fell in love with her, and wanted to marry her. She, however, would only consent to become his eighth wife, and promised to provide him with the other seven. So they flew away together and came to Mokadam.

Ni Kadarmanik, the King of Mokadam’s daughter, was very desolate, because her father had promised her to a crazy prince named Irman, Rengganis, seeing her so sad, asked her if she would like to have a handsome husband in his place. “How can I tell if he is handsome,” she said, “he may even be more objectionable than Irman.” “I can show you his likeness,” said Rengganis, “I will take his shape.” She disappeared for a moment, and repatmaja who was waiting outside appeared in her place. “This is what I am like,” he said. “Will you have me for your husband?’ “Yes indeed,” she cried. “I have never seen anyone so handsome.” At that moment Rengganis came back, which proved that she had seen was no apparition, but Repatmaja himself. So they all flew away through the air with the great sorceress Rengganis.

The King of Mokadam was much upset of his daughter disappearance. He sought for her everywhere, and at last discovered that she had been stolen by Repatmaja. So he declared war on Mekah, but was defeated.

But the King of mekah’s wife, Dewi Munigarim, was also stolen away by the King of Grudapura. Prince Repatmaja was very sad at her disappearance and sent out search parties, but she could nowhere to be found. Rengganis, hearing of the rape of Munigarim, promised to bring her back and changed her shape to that of a little girl with a most exquisite odor, and flew to Grudapura. There she was adopted by an old woman selling rice in the market. Her fame reached the ears of the king, and he sent to beg her from old woman. So Rengganis became the slave of captive queen Munigarim. She told who she was and by her spells released Munigarim from captivity. They flew back to Mekah, and Grudapura made war on it and was defeated.

Meanwhile Andanigar, daughter of King of China, dreamed of Jayengrana, King of Mekah, and flew off to look for him. She landed at last in pleasure garden of Prabu medaim. The prince came into garden and found her there. “Who are you? Where do you come from? What you seek?” “I am the Princess of China, and I seek King Jayengrana.” “I am he,” lied medaim. But when he came near and would have kissed her she saw that he was no Jayengrana of her dream, and flew away again.

Andanigar alighted at last in place-garden of the King of Mekah. And the king came and found her in the garden. He asked the same question as Medaim, and answered as before. But this time she recognized the real Jayengrana, and gave herself to him. They went into pavilion and lay together, and afterwards she told him of Medaim’s deception. The king was very angry and said he could not now marry her, but should send her home. But Andanigar begged him to kill her, as she had no desire to live any longer. “when I am dead”, she said, “put me in a chest and throw me into the sea.” And she wrote a letter which has to be put in with her. Jayengrana then stabbed her with his kris and had her thrown into the sea in a chest, and a letter with her.

The six sisters of Andanigar were very sad at her disappearance and searched for her everywhere. At last one of them, weary of searching, sat down on the sea-shore to weep. And as she sat she suddenly saw a chest washed up by waves at her feet. She dragged it ashore, opened it, and read the letter. It said’ “I am Andanigar; I died in consequence of misfortune which befell me in Mekah.” The sister in great dismay brought the letter home and showed it to her sisters, and they decided to declare war on Mekah. The battle took place in the air, and Rengganis captured all the six princess of China and gave them to her lover, and he married them all, as he had married Kadarmanik. So Rengganis became his eighth wife. As she had vowed she would be.

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