Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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A Balinese Folktale: The Origin of Pemecutan Dynasty  

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There was a kingdom named Singgasana which is located in Tabanan. The King of Singgasana was a wise ruler and had one prime wife (prami) and several concubines (penawing). From the prami he had a son named Arya Rangon , he was the oldest children so he would replace his father as a king soon or later but he had bad temper, envious and jealous to his other brothers. From the penawing he had several sons and daughters but the most prominent of all was Ki Pucangan. He was named Ki Pucangan since his mother came from the village of Buahan. Ki Pucangan was the favorite of Tabanan people since he was kind and wise.

Arya Rangon hated Ki Pucangan to extreme point because when he was grown up he had a chance to be named as the successor since Tabanan people loved him. Arya Rangon contrived many attempts to kill Ki Pucangan but Ki Pucangan always managed to escape. One day Arya Rangon told Ki Pucangan to cut the biggest bough of a sacred banyan tree which grew in the center of the kingdom. The banyan tree was inhabited by evil spirits and demons no one dared to even to climb or linger around the tree. Ki Pucangan obeyed his step brother order, he climbed the tree and cut the biggest bough, he even sat on the falling bough, he felt to the ground but he suffered no injury.

Ki Pucangan finally realized his step brother wicked attention, he left the palace and went to Kubon Tingguh and meditated there. After meditating for a long time the god of Kubon Tingguh came and asked him “Ki Pucangan, my son, what is the purpose of your meditation?” “I meditated here to ask you for a place where I can settle down and an occupation that suits for me,” answered Ki Pucangan. “Unfortunately I have nothing to offer to you, but you can ask the god Batukaru, he will give a place to you,” said the god of Kubon Tingguh. Ki Pucangan took a leave and went to Mount Batukaru.

Ki Pucangan meditated in Mount Batukaru, the god of Batukaru descended andspoke to him, “alas, my son Pucangan, I have nothing for you, go to Mount Batur you will surely get a place and occupation there, haste my son, may you always be safe.” Ki Pucangan took a leave and went to Mount Batur.

Ki Pucangan meditated in Ulun Danu Batur temple, after meditating for a long time the goddess of Batur descended brought a whip (pecut) and a rope (tambang). The god addressed Ki Pucangan, “Ki Pucangan, My son, now I will show you a place you can settle down by this whip. Now look to the southwest, there is a dark (badeng) area, there is also a bright stone (batu) which shine like a star (bintang), there you will live as a king. Since the area is dark (badeng) you should name it Badung. When you manage to become the king of Badung, you have to build a temple to bind the will of people of Badung with this rope (tambang), You should name the temple Nambangan Badung. Ask a wise counsel from Kaki Buyut Lumintang who resides there. Take Si Undagala at the stairs of this temple, he will be your loyal servant. Now go my son”.

After receiving the boons, Ki Pucangan took a leave and went straight to the promised place. At the stairs of the temple he found Si Undagala and took him as a servant. Arriving at the promised place Ki Pucangan asked wise counsels from Kaki Buyut Lumintang. After his study on art of war and governing kingdomfrom Kaki Buyut Lumintang was finished, he fought the Kingdom of Mengwi and seized the Lumintang and Badung areas. Ki Pucangan was appointed the first king of Badung. He built a palace and named it “Puri Pemecutan” to commemorate the sacred whip (pecut) awarded by the goddess of Batur. He also built a temple in accordance with goddess of Batur instruction and named it Pura Tambang Badung.

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