Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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A Balinese Folktale:I Belog Part 2  

by on Sunday, 16 November 2008One Comment | 1,405 views

LontarThough I Belog was considered a foolish man by his neighbors yet he actually had a tricky way to get what he wanted (see the previous article). To get Luh Sari, the most beautiful girl in his village, he took her father in completely. Her father is being tricked twice though like that he kept asking I Belog for his help to work on the farm.

This time, Belog brought Begina (Balinese crackers from sticky rice usually used as a stuff of traditional ceremony) which was hid in his kamen so he could nibble while working. He started to work on farm; pulling up the weeds. Several minutes had gone by and he felt so hungry. Then he broke Begina he brought into some small parts and threw them into the puddle of water so that it would be easier to be eaten. In the water, those Begina looked like snail eggs because of its texture.
I Belog then ate it. Meanwhile, Sari’s father came and he looked at what I Belog was eating. “Ih Belog what are you eating? You seemed so hungry?” Ask him. “ Bapa (father), from I was a child I like to eat snail eggs for getting a healthy body and it tastes very good. The taste is like fried begina.,” said him. But, Sari’s father would not want to be tricked for the third time so he asked once more. “Is it true? Or you just want to fake me again,” cried him suspiciously. And I Belog only said that, to decide whether he was honest or not depend on Sari’s father.

It was good that Begina which had been thrown out to the water was still available there. Sari’s father then took and ate it. From that time he believed that snail eggs are very delicious. “Its taste like Begina,”he said. On other moment, he found a true snail eggs in different place. With no doubt, he ate it. Before those eggs reached his throat he vomited. He complained to I Belog; why the tastes are different. “For the sake of God, what you ate just now was true snail eggs and what you ate with me was Begina,” told I Belog while laughing. Sari’s father felt so shy and got angry with him.
On the other day, I Belog was asked for his help again because only him who was cooperated with Sari’s Father. Sari’s father and I Belog this time wanted to collect keladi root (edible root like cassava) to be cooked. I Belog moved to the edge of river. There, he found bamboo root which was like keladi. Then he pulled it up. He pulled it up again and again until his basket was full. After that he met Sari’s father whose basket was full of true keladi. I Belog innocently swap his basket with Sari’s father basket.

When I Belog got home he cooked the keladi and ate it. On contrary on him, Sari’s father cooked the fake keladi but they wont be cooked though his firewood was out. He started to be so suspicious that he took a look at the keladi again. And he find himself had been tricked by I Belog. Sari’s father could only murmured how wicked I Belog was.

Intentionally, I Belog came to Sari’s house that night. While singing he asked loudly. “Sari, have your keladi been cooked? Can I have a little?” Sari’s father who was angry tried to hide his shame. “ are unlucky man. We have just done with our keladi,” explained Sari’s father. “Poor me. Then another time I will come again,” said I Belog. I Belog walked home while laughing along the way that once again he was successful to trick Sari’s father.

If you think that I Belog will stop tricking Sari’s father then you are wrong. See how crafty man he was on the next postings.

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