Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Another Version of Rare Angon, A Well-Known Balinese Folktale  

by on Wednesday, 30 January 2008No Comment | 1,472 views

There was once a youngster by the name of Rare Anggon. His daily duty was to graze the cows belonging to his parents. He, with friends of is age, always went to the fields not far from the village to graze the family cattle.

Rare Anggon liked to draw pictures of puppet figures on the ground, and his friends knew that he was very talented in this art. One day he drew a picture of a young women. As the picture was very pretty he did not want to wipe it out. He left it on the ground so that everybody could see it. He named the picture Lubang Kuri. All his friends were amazed at the beauty of the women in the drawing.

It was told that the king happened to pass the fields where the boys grazed their cows. He saw the drawing and was attracted by the beauty of the women in it. He asked the boys who had made it. One of the boys answered that it was made by Rare Anggon. The king summoned him and asked: “Did you make the drawing?” “Yes, Your Majesty,” Rare Anggon answered. “Where have you seen this women?” the King asked again. “I have never seen her, Your Majesty. It came out of my imagination.” Was the response of Rare Anggon, the king did not believe Rare Anggon and ordered him to find the woman.

Rare Anggon went home feeling very sad. His mother became unhappy too when she knew about it. That night Rare Anggon went to bed with his problem. In his sleep, he met an old man who instructed him to go to the north-east direction in the order to find Lubang Kuri. When he woke up the next morning he went straight to his mother. He told her about the dream, and said that he would make the journey to find Lubang Kuri the next morning. His mother, then, made all the preparation for the journey.

To cut the story short, Rare Anggon arrived at a hermitage in a forest. There he was adopted son by the hermit after having told the story that he was on his way to find Lubang Kuri the hermit had a daughter who had no one to befriend her. Rare Anggon stayed there for some time, and was in the end married to the hermit’s daughter.

After having spent his time at the hermitage for a while, his father in law the hermit reminded Rare Anggon of his duty to find Lubang kuri “The search for this woman is a dangerous job.” His father in law said to Rare Anggon. “But do not falter. I am going to provide you whit the necessary magical powers.” He then granted Rare Anggon magical charms.

Lubang Kuri resided on top of a hill guarded by wild snakes, tigers and giants. With the magical powers Rare Anggon possessed he was able to reach the place safely. He then told Lubang Kuri that he was ordered by the King to come and take her to the King. Lubang Kuri agreed to go with Rare Angon but reminded him that the journey down the hill was a dangerous one. Rare Anggon was aware about that, and he informed her that he had been provided with special magical powers.

Down the hill the two them traveled, and they were confronted not only with deadly poisonous snakes but also with other wild animals. Rare Anggon was able to overcome all these obstacles with his magical charm. At last they were confronted with wild giants who wanted to kill them. They ran as fast as they could and was almost caught. Luckily with the last magical charm Rare Angon had, he was able to kill the giants, they were burnt in a big fire.

Soon they were back at the hermitage. His wife and father in law, the hermit were very happy to see them. They were amazed to witness the beauty of Lubang Kuri. Soon Rare Angon, his wife, and Lubang Kuri asked permission to leave for the village, and the old hermit allowed them to go.

Again, to cut the story short, the three of them arrived home safely. Rare Angon’s mother was very happy to see them. The King heard about their arrival and summoned Rare Angon to see him as soon as possible. The next morning Rare Angon and Lubang Kuri went to the King’s palace. He was amazed to see the beauty of Lubang Kuri. He fell in love with her. But he had personal grudge with Rare Angon for his powers. He thought Rare Angon could become his rival and endanger his position. Then he made out a wicked plan to put him away. Rare Angon was then asked to bring a tiger to the palace next morning.

Very sad at heart, Rare Angon went home. On the way he wondered why the King was so cruel to him: “ He asked for impossible thing.” His wife saw the sadness edged on his face, the asked: “Why are you so sad my dear?” “The King wants me to bring a tiger to the palace tomorrow morning. This is impossible” “Don’t worry, my dear.” His wife responded. She recited the magical powers granted by her father and a huge tiger came out from thin air.

The next morning Rare Angon rode the tiger to King’s palace. Everybody ran away when they saw Rare Angon on the tiger. He went straight to the palace where the King was waiting. When the King saw him riding a huge and wild tiger he trembled and ordered Rare Angon to take the animal away. Rare Angon rode the tiger back home where his wife turned the animal with her magical charm into a mortar.

The King was not happy with this experience. He summoned Rare Angon and ordered him to bring a dragon to the palace. Rare Angon told his wife about the King’s order. This time he had to bring a dragon. Again with her magical powers, she produced a dragon which Rare Angon rode to the palace the next morning. On entering the split gates of the palace the tail of the dragon hit the gates and they collapsed instantly. Everybody who were in the palace ran away to find refugee. The King, upon seeing the dragon with Rare Angon sitting on its head, trembled and hid himself for safety. Rare Angon heard the King shouting at him: “Take that beast away to the place it belongs.” Rare Angon rode the dragon home where his wife turned the animal with her charm into a pestle.

The king had not finished with his plan yet. This time he ordered Rare Anggon to bring a wasp nest. Again his wife helped him. With her magical charm she produced a big wasp nest. Rare Anggon carried this big nest in his hands to the King’s place. As it seemed safe, the king came near it, eager to have a look. As soon Rare Anggon had presented the nest, the wasps burst in large numbers from within. They were all fierce and lost of them stung the King. The place attendants panicked and dome tried to scare the furious bees away; other provided help to the king who collapsed because of the sting. All was useless, and the King soon died. Soon after the tragic event Rare Anggon was appointed King by the people. And Lubang Kuri, the new king wedded her.

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