Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Bali Beach Hotel: A Hotel with Spirit  

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Over the years much has been written about the Bali Beach Hotel, the island’s first 5-star property that opened in 1965 marking a new era in tourism. Funded primarily by reparation monies from Japan in lieu of damage caused by their occupation during World War II, the hotel stands majestically on the Sanur beachfront. Dominating the landscape, the Bali Beach Hotel is the island’s tallest building and was established at a time when Indonesia was attempting to modernize itself and incorporate western trends into local design principles. However, the Balinese government soon made a ruling that no structural dwelling was to exceed the height of a fully grown coconut palm in order to appease the Hindu community and above all show respect for the Gods.



During the early construction of the Bali Beach Hotel, Indonesia’s current president, Bapak Soekarno, a firm believer in spirituality and the supernatural, made the promise that he would set aside one room for the exclusive use of the Goddess of the South Sea. Unfortunately, before the hotel was complete his government was overthrown by opposing military forces and the pledge to set aside one room was never fulfilled.



In January 1993 following almost 30 years of welcoming visiting international dignitaries and heads of state, the main lobby of the Bali Beach Hotel and the surrounding ten-storey’s were destroyed in a devastating fire. Flames leapt from every window and a thick black smoke enveloped the entire village of Sanur. All hotel guests’ and employees managed to escape the blaze and luckily there were no injuries or loss of life. Miraculously one room survived the intensity of the fire and apart from a little smoke damage; the entire twin-share suite remained intact. The fate of room 327 remains a mysterious phenomenon, although numerous hotel staff and local priests believe that the Goddess of the South Sea reclaimed her ocean view suite and saved it from destruction.


Continuing the amazing history behind the Bali Beach Hotel, it is said that no set of architectural plans existed for the refurbishment of the lobby and main tower that had been destroyed by the fire. Instead, local paranormals were guided by what they say was the spirit of the late President Sukarno. This higher force indicated that the reconstruction had to be completed in a period of only eight months and if this was fulfilled then the ongoing success of the hotel would be guaranteed. Over 2800 construction workers and craftsmen worked 24-hours a day to restore the Bali Beach Hotel to its former glory. The entire damaged wing was rebuilt and modernized using a blend of quality materials at such a speed that allowed the property to re-open in less than a year after the destructive blaze.


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Only room 327 remains in its former condition and is now treated with the utmost care, preserved as a shrine to the unknown force that saved it from destruction. Offerings are made daily in this room and visitors from around the world are free to come and experience the spiritual ambience that is present here. The hotel’s Guest Relation Officers are pleased to give impromptu tours of this unique room and impart details of the property’s colourful history.


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