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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Bali Green Community Environment Forum  

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Dear Friends who Care About Bali.

Here is the Initial Agenda of a Bali Green Community Environment Forum that we members of the Bali Spiritual Community in our work towards achieving a Bali Green Community discussed with the Governor of Bali : Made Mangku Pastika , to which i am very pleased to say gave his wholehearted support.

Bali Green Community Environment Forum to support Bali Clean and green Province.
Date :1st July 2011
Venue Kartika Plaza Discovery Hotel ..

To facilitate a groundbreaking forum to bring together the literally hundreds of environment and other social groups that represent the community operating throughout the island of Bali along with forward thinking industry and commerce to align with the Government in the common goal of helping to achieve the admirable and absolutely necessary goal of achieving a Clean and Green Bali .

Why Now?
Now is the time to make a serious change? The longer we leave it, the sooner the issues will become unmanageable and unrecoverable resulting in serious economic and community issues. The community is poised yet clarity, direction and a real willingness to collaborate are key drivers required for change. The collective assistance of the majority if not all environment groups , and like minded industry and commerce is essential if the program wishes to reach far and wide out into every sector of the community. Environmental groups think and live the green process every moment of their lives as their number one priority , therefore their support and assistance would be priceless to the Clean and Green goal .

Why is this forum different?
1) It will be endorsed by the Government of Bali with senior members of the Government participating including senior representatives of the various Kabupaten’s.
2) Representatives of the Environmental community will form a steering committee and be responsible for delivering community key priorities, and if possible solutions through active participation and practices to the Bali Government and the Kabupaten’s.
3) Sponsors of the event will represent progressive forward thinking from industry and commerce and adopt a position of support to broaden the awareness of the serious issues on hand.
4) It will be a program designed collectively by Government and the Active Environmental Action Community and Concerned Industry and Commerce that live, work, play or trade in the environment they are trying to protect and restore to it’s former beauty.
5) Hopefully a memorandum of understand could be signed during the forum that Involves The Governor of Bali , The Bupati’s of all the Kabupaten’s , Representatives of the Environmental Groups , and Selected Representatives of Socially Conscious Industry and Commerce to commit to achieving the Clean and Green Bali Province Goal under a determined timeframe..

How will this forum make a difference?
1) Networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and agreed upon clarity of direction are the key drivers needed to consolidate thinking and effort.
2) Bringing caring like minded individuals and groups into a forum to address the serious environmental concerns now facing Bali and addressing its future as not just a tourist destination but as a clean, healthy and livable environment will create a powerful energy of passion to succeed.
3) Actionable items must be of a clear objective and contain community involvement in the process is key to setting the right grassroots direction and getting personal ownership and responsibility of the challenges ahead
4) The recognition that to achieve the goal we will not only require passion and enthusiasm but also very high level technical and management skills in dealing with sustainable environmental planning , and practices.

General Meeting Run Down
2 months out planned blanket coverage by Bali / Indonesia / World Wide Multi Media to advertise and bring the awareness of it’s importance to the world for exposure , the entire Island community, government , industry , and commerce.
Plans are underway to invite other Important National and Bali Government figures that can help in the ongoing success of this forum.

Events planned for the forum on Friday 1st July
Registration starting at 8am.
Forum starts at 9am.
** Opening Remarks
** Formal Opening by Governor of Bali
** Speech planned for Indonesian Representative ‘An inconvenient Truth’
Emerald Star
** Power Speech from Bali Focus. : How to Implement Total Waste Management for Bali
** Power Speech – planned by Willy Smith, Case Study from Kalimantan in recovering devastated land back to rain forrest.
** Power Speech by – Steve Piro : The world needs to become carbon neutral and how Bali can do its part.
** Power Speech by – Pak Rana .. The Green Building Council Indonesia ..
Bali must introduce and apply Green building design, construction, & practices
** Power Speech .. looking for 2 more speeches with strong content ..
** Honesty Corner – What you see / not see around Bali today
** Memorandum of understanding co-operation singing ceremony .
** Get your thoughts / ideas on the table , select your interest group/groups to subscribe, join.
** Selecting and announcing community representatives to the environmental Clean and Green Bali Project Group.
** Snack Breaks , Lunch & Networking
** Meeting Closure and follow up.
** Press Conference

Saturday & Sunday
Bali’s Big Eco Weekend held on Kuta Beach with stalls and stands provided for any and all Environmental Groups that wish to participate including stalls for each of the work areas of the Bali Clean And Green Road Map .

I Ketut Nugra

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