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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Balinese and Tourist, Both Got Confuse to Choose  

by on Saturday, 1 November 20082 Comments | 2,344 views

Lately, Bali became a place where several international events were held. Two famous tourism areas, Kuta and Ubud were hosts of those events. Both of committee of Asian Beach Game (ABG) and Kuta Carnival held their event in the same place; around of Kuta beach while the committee of Ubud Writer preferred Ubud to be the host.

Kuta Carnival

This was good since there were several events which could attract many tourists to come to Bali. Moreover,Balinese are also very pleased with these events. Yet, because of the time was very close even more overlap one with another then the spectators; tourist and Balinese got confuse in deciding where they are going to go to.

“It is very interesting to see that Kuta beach was divided for two different events,” said A.A Ngr. Kesuma Yudha while smiling. Yudha had to run in hurry from the ABG side where he worked for to the Kuta Carnival booth to see the music and art performance which become his interest. Though, he had a chance to involve in these two big events but he expressed his disappointment since he could not join Ubud Writer.

Yudha admit that the sixth Kuta Carnival was the most interesting to see among these three events. “I am not sure, But I think this sixth Kuta Carnival drew more attentions then the other events which are held in the same month for Kuta Carnival has been holding annually beside it has had a good reputation,” Yudha guessed. But, for him, Kuta Carnival this year is not as spectacular as a couple years ago in term of its promotion. “I do not know exactly when the sixth Kuta Carnival started. Maybe it is caused by simultaneous events which took place in October,” he argued. In the same line with Yudha, Lina one of Kuta Carnival spectators feel disappointed. “There is nothing we can enjoy of Kuta Carnival this year and I think it doesn’t affect anything,” said her.

In contrast with Yudha and Lina, Sanjaya, argued that the sixth Kuta Carnival which theme was “Menyama Braya” (a Balinese concept for togetherness) was still adored by many people including himself. “For me, myself, this event can accommodate my and my friends’ interest in performing music,” he explained. Sanjaya also told that Kuta Carnival was quite good to show the tourist how rich Bali in culinary and arts. “I feel that the Kuta Carnival is stable year to year and I can enjoy it as an entertainment,” he added.

Indeed, Bali is a proper place for holding any kind of international event. But someone who wants to hold an event must think more about the promotion and preparation because it there may be many events which are held in the same time. The promotion is necessary since the spectators will be disappointed if they miss an event.

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