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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Balinese Reject Law of Pornography!  

by on Thursday, 6 November 20082 Comments | 760 views

Balinese people have protested a bill on pornography which is offered by the Indonesian government so many times. Balinese are not alone. There are Jogjakarta, Papua New Guinea people who insist to deny this draft law because of some reasons. Even more, when the bill had been sanctioned to be a law of pornography on October 30th, Balinese keep on struggling.


For Balinese there are some articles that can be multi-interpreted in that law. “For instance article 1 talks about the phrase ‘stimulate sexual desire’. What kind of action which is told by this article. Does it mean when I look girl’s leg and I get sexually attracted, that girl will be punished?” Agus Purnomo, one of demonstrator said loudly. In addition, in order to convey his disagreement on this regulation he involved in every demonstration held to deny this law as well as he made a flyer entitled “Tolak Politisasi Atas Tubuh” which is distributed in Udayana University.

Astarini Ditha a university student, also reject this regulation. “By recognizing this bill of pornography officially then all artists will be limited in expressing their ideas,” she explained. This is possible because that law forbid anything including poem, songs, paintings and other which consist of sexual things. According to her, the government had been involved too far in the private area of human life especially women. In addition, this regulation also opens a chance for the formation of moral police to watch people’s behavior. “What a shame!” cried Ditha.

Fortunately, Balinese Youth struggle is supported by Balinese Governor. I Made Mangku Pastika. He declared that that law will be not applied in Bali for that regulation is against the Balinese philosophy and social values. He also asked Balinese to calm down. In order to accommodate this dissatisfaction, Balinese government will invite representative of provincial government from some regions that refuse the Law of pornography, to talk with. And Pastika promised if the central government ignores Balinese dissatisfaction, DPRD (a regional parliament) will propose judicial review for this law.

Many artists are also in the same line with Agus, Ditha, and others who disagree on this law. Although, Indonesian Government said that this Law of Pornography aim to save the teenagers but this law will not work in Indonesia, especially in Bali. Well, do you agree with this new regulation??? Balinese do not.

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