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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Baris Jangkang: A Baris Dance From Nusa Penida  

by on Sunday, 10 August 2008One Comment | 2,079 views

Bali is a paradise for them, who want to enjoy traditional dances, since Bali has various traditional dances to be enjoyed. From sacred dances to social dances or from male dances to female all are available in this island. The most well-known male dance is Baris. There are several types of Baris, for instance solo Baris, Baris Gede, Chinese Baris, etc which come from various regions.


As a part of Bali province, Nusa Penida (an island in the south east Bali) also offers another kind of Baris. In addition, this Baris is so incredible that the dancers were invited to dance it at Bali Art Festival. This kind of Baris comes from Banjar Pelilit Tanglad village.


Each kind of Baris has their own stories and so has Baris Jangkang, thus people call for this kind of Baris is similar to the other Baris which tell about a heroic story. According to Wayan Natih, Head of Pelilit Village, Baris Jangkang is inspired from a past story when Klungkung Kingdom still had authority. There was a servant of Klungkung Kingdom in Banjar Pelilit, whose her duty is to feed pigs. One day she beat bronze palung- a plate for pig-unintentionally. Unpredictably, it produced loud and echo sound which amazed the King.


That news, a bronze palung could produce nice sound, spread to other village. People from other Banjar in Tanglad village and other villages were eager to grab that palung. Then people of Pelilit tried to defend that palung using available weapon; they only used cogon grass which was tied up on head of wooden stick. How grim the people of Pelilit struggle is become an inspiration of Baris Jangkang movement. Moreover, in order to describe the same condition, Baris Jangkang dancer bring wooden stick which has been tied up with cogon grass.


Like other Baris, Baris Jangkang is not only just a show but there is other thing that is believed by people. Baris Jangkang is believed to posses a magical power to keep all the bad things away. For instance, if there is a child who suffers from illness for a long time then his parent will invited Baris Jangkang dancer to dance and the child will be well soon. Besides, Baris Jangkang is also asked to be danced when a married couple wishes to have a boy. Baris Jangkang is also danced in the Balinese special day.


However, not all people can dance this Baris easily. People from outer Pelilit admit that it is hard to dance it. On contrary only by watching Baris Jangkang performance people of Pelilit can learn it easily. It can be sure since Pelilit is home of Baris Jangkang.

So if you want to see this dance just go to south-east Bali and find an island name Nusa Penida. At that island Pelilit village can be found where an incredible dance of Baris is still preserved.

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