Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Behind A Dream  

by on Friday, 17 November 2006No Comment | 651 views

Dream can be defined as having an idea or image in the mind while in the state of sleep. Dream is always beyond control and difficult to analyze. These characteristic of dream make it interesting to discuss. For Balinese dream is an important part of life. It affects everyday life of Balinese, materially and spiritually. To Balinese dream is never in vain it always has a purpose and there is always something in it. Based on the type on its functions, Balinese divide the dream into several types of functions such as medium of communication, medium of action, predictive messenger, and sometimes serves as a battle zone.

Balinese believe that people who have supernatural power use dream as a medium of communication. This can be compared to interactive communication through internet or other modern media. This type of communication is used to conduct highly secret conversation in relation with magic or witchcraft. Traditional Balinese spiritual teachers (guru) usually use a dream as a medium of communication with their disciples.

As medium of action dream is usually used to cure or harm people. Curing sick people through dream in Bali is mainly done by God or Goddess whom His or Her devotees have been harmed with black magic. The God or Goddess appears in His or Her devotee’s dream, take him to His or Her temple courtyard and begin curing the sick devotee mainly by opening his abdomen or other body parts and take away the illness form his body. A well known God and Goddess who usually conduct this kind of curing are Ratu Nyoman Sakti Pengadang-Adang and Ratu Dewa Ayu Mas Melanting at Lingga Temple Tabanan. Not just curing, harming someone can be done through dream. It is common in Balinese after someone had a dream of being assaulted he will wake up with pain all over his body and the worst effect is death.

As a predictive messenger, dream is always waited by Balinese. Dream can transmit various messages range from sign of fortune to sign of disaster. Balinese believe that someone will get a great fortune when he had a dream of moon falling over him. A dream of fallen teeth from someone own mouth means that there will be a death in his family. Sometimes dream serves as a warning, when a Balinese had a dream of receiving a baby; it means that someone has sent a jinx (bebai) to him. Dream also serves as a hint, a togel (a kind of lottery in which the players guess four digit numbers to win the prize) player uses dream as a source of inspiration in guessing the lottery numbers.

Dream as a battle zone is always a sensitive topic to Balinese. It has deep involvement with witch (leyak) war. A Balinese witch always fights his or her spiritual battle in a dream. For Balinese witchcraft (pengleyakan) is a very individual matter. A witch usually hides his or her power from his or her family, even his or her spouse doest no know about his or her power. Witch war is usually held in the night and absent from home in the night may arise suspicion from other family members. So dream is the best choice for battlefield, since he or she can pretend to sleep at home while his or her mind fight in dream world.

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