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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Earthquake and Its Meaning  

by on Wednesday, 13 June 2007One Comment | 2,829 views

Earthquake for Balinese is not merely a disaster; there is a hidden meaning or a prophecy, for the sake of precision, in every occurrence of earthquake. Armed with the sacred Palelindon (treatise on earthquake) manuscript, for hundreds, Balinese decipher every sign or prophecy behind every earthquake that occurred.

In Palelindon (treatise on earthquake), the earthquakes are categorized based on the time of occurrence. An earthquake that occurs in the first month of Balinese Caka calendar (July) has different meaning from the earthquake that occurs in the fifth month (November) and the meaning an earthquake that occurs on Saturday (Saniscara) is different from the one that occurs on Wednesday (Buda).

Here is the meaning of earthquake based on the month of the occurrence:
1. Earthquake occurs in Kasa, the first month of Balinese Caka Calendar (July), signifies that the world will be prosperous, love by God, plenty of rain but people will jinx each other.
2. Earthquake occurs in Karo, the second month (August), indicates that the world will safe and strong but there will be draughts and pocks spread everywhere.
3. Earthquake occurs in Katiga, the third month (September), suggests that the world will prosper, water brings happiness, plenty of rain, many ceremonies are held but many people die because of black magic.
4. Earthquake occurs in Kapat, fourth month (October), hints at prosperity, plenty of water, but many people get sick and die.
5. Earthquake occurs in Kalima, fifth month (November), indicates harsh time, disease and plague everywhere, famine, poisonous sea kills people.
6. Earthquake occurs in Kanem, sixth month (December), signifies that people will confuse, disease and plague are raging everywhere.
7. Earthquake occurs in Kapitu, seventh month (January) shows that there will be many earthquakes to come, and many people get sicks.
8. Earthquake occurs in Kaulu, eighth month (February) indicates that pestilences will hit the world, men, animals, and plants die, starvation everywhere.
9. Earthquake occurs in Kasanga, ninth month (March) hints at famine, many people get sick and spirit of ancestors is tortured by the King of Birds
10. Earthquake occurs in Kadasa, tenth month (April) suggests that the world will safe and prosper, goods are cheap, people live happily, but many cattle are die.
11. Earthquake occurs in Jyestha, eleventh month (May) signifies a good year, plenty of food, but people get sick easily.
12. Earthquake occurs in Sadha, twelfth month (June) indicates a bad year, people die everywhere, harsh time, and life becomes miserable.

The meaning of the earthquake based on the day of the occurrence:
1. Earthquake occurs on Sunday (Redite) means plague kills people, animals and plant, quarrel and enmity are everywhere.
2. Earthquake occurs on Monday (Soma) indicates scarcity of food, starvation, commotion and falling of a nation.
3. Earthquake occurs on Tuesday (Anggara) shows many disease kill humans, trees are burned down, people are sad.
4. Earthquake occurs on Wednesday (Buda) signifies a restless condition, leader and people are restless, sadness is in the air without no apparent cause.
5. Earthquake occurs on Thursday (Wrhaspati) hints at prosperity of the world but many cattle are dead.
6. Earthquake occurs on Friday (Sukra) indicates a harsh time, leaders are incapable of managing the situation, many cattle and fowls are dead
7. Earthquake occurs on Saturday (Saniscara) indicates that there will be starvation, disease and plague will kill many people, and the leaders will be confused by the situation.


There is also another manuscript called “Lontar Pacaruan Linuh”, or “treatise on appeasing the earthquake”, which gives detail of offerings and ceremonies to negate the negative effect of the earthquake, so the bad prophecy will not be materialized.

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