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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Jegog in Bali Art Festival  

by on Thursday, 10 July 2008One Comment | 1,910 views

Jegog is Jembrana’s traditional musical instrument. This instrument consist several sizes of bamboo tubes that are lined up inside a wooden frame. The name of Jegog its self is taken from the biggest instrumental component named Jegogan. Since Jegog is made of Bamboo, it offers something different from most of Balinese musical instruments that are made of metal.

Many people love watching and listening to it. Moreover, when there is a Jegog Mebarung show, a battle of Jegog that is conducted by 2 up to 3 groups in which the groups beat their bamboo in turn, the clapping hand of applauses can be heard during the show. In Jegog Mebarung the who get louder claps is the winner.


However, there was something different with Jegog performance which is held in Art Center. It was not Jegog Mebarung since there was only one set of Jegog instrument in Ayodya stage in Art Center on July 7. Something that attracted the visitor on that night was a Tanabata Tree attaching to the Jegogan (the biggest instrument in Jegog ensemble) Indeed, there would be collaboration between Jegog Yudistira Sound Factory Jembrana and Suar Dwi Stri Japanese Club.

For the opening performance Jegog Yudistira Sound Factory performed tabuh (melody) Truntungan and tabuh for Luhuring Paksi Dance. Tabuh Truntungan told about the greatness of God: human only can hope and pray. The Jegog’s sound for this tabuh was very soft in the beginning. Gradually, the sound soft faded away. For a while Ayodya Stage was silent. Then, suddenly Jegog players beat their instruments harder, producing energizing sound and of course, it gained hundreds of claps from the visitors. The same applauses were also rewarded to Luhuring Paksi Dance. This dance told about the jo of Bali mynah which live in west of Bali. Hence, Jegog also produced dynamic tones.

For the next performance, Japanese women from Suar Dwi Stri presented their ability in playing the bamboo instruments that are smaller than Jegog. In most of its performance Suar Dwi Stri group was helped by several crews from jegog Yudistira who played kendang (Balinese drum) and ceng-ceng (cymbal).


After Jegog Yudistira presented their creativity in mejejangeran (women and men sing a song while dancing/playing Jegog), the best form of collaboration between Jegog Yudistira Sound Factory Jembrana and Suar Dwi Stri Japanese Club was presented. The Yudistira’s Jegog players played theirinstrument then in the middle of performance a Balinese dancer following by some Japanese women wearing Kimono walked in the stage and formed semicircle. They brought a small bamboo in left with beater in their right hand. They beat that bamboo to harmonize the sound produced by Jegog Yudistira. It was very incredible! Many more people flocked Ayodya again and again. Moreover, that sound collaboration was also combined with simple elegant movement.

The spectators were so excited as if the did want the performance came to an end. However, there is no never-ending party, and the final performance of the Jegog group was Joged Bumbung performance that was accompanied by Jegog instruments.

Jegog is an unique instrument. It gives a comfort sensation with its soft sound on the other hand it can also energize the listener with their fast melody. You should watch a Jegog performance since it can offers different sound experience. You can take a trip to Jembrana: The Home of Jegog, to enjoy the bamboo instruments which produce the mesmerizing sound.

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