Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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June Highlight  

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June 2, 2012

The 3rd Bali Jungle Run
The 3rd Bali Jungle Run will be held on June 2, 2012 in Petang Badung Bali. It stars at 2 PM for the Super Long Run and 4 pm for the Medium and Short Run. Get free shirts, food, patches, and beer.

June 9 – July 7, 2012

Bali Art Festival

The 34th Bali Art Festival will be held in Ardha Candra (Art Center) Denpasar. It will be held from from June 9 until July, 7 2012. It will showcase best of Bali’s dances, music, and artistic expressions. There are daily performances of dance and music alongside countless related cultural and commercial activities during which literally the whole of Bali comes to the city to present its offerings of dance, music and beauty. Trance dances, classical court dances, stars of Balinese cultural stage, odd village dances, food and offerings contests, modern innovations on classical dances, flower arrangements, fashion shows, films, and more are on the month-long agenda.

Cultural performances from other Indonesian provinces including Central Kalimantan, North Sumatra, East Java, Riau, Jakarta, Solo and many others will also be presented,  bringing their own traditional as well as most contemporary choreographies.

34th Bali Arts festival organizers have chosen as theme of the Festival : “Paraos-paros”, meaning :  Dynamic Togetherness. The event itself will be highlighted with fascinating features among which are dance dramas (Sendratari), Bali Modern theatre, Gong Kebyar maestro, Photography Workshops, culinary festivals, and musical performances. There will also be exciting competitions such as documentary movie competitions, handicraft competitions, literary writing, painting, photography competitions. Parades and processions will also be presented including the Parade of Flowers and coconut leaves arrangements, a culinary and fashion Parade, Nglawang Parade, Dramatari Arja Parade, Gong Kebyar Parade, Semara pagulingan Parade, Joged Bumbung Parade, and many others.

June 15 – 17, 2012

AA Bali International Roundup 2012
The 11th Annual AA Bali International Roundup 2012 will be held in Sanur Beach Hotel from June 15 – 17, 2012. There are two world class speakers as well as a whole range of meetings.  There is a Grand Gala Dinner on Saturday night with Balinese dancers.  Dinner will be followed by a sober dance. There is also a raffle drawing on Sunday where prizes will include spa treatments, massages, handicrafts, trips and much-much more.

June 16, 2012


Saraswati is a a sacred day for knowledge as Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge. Saraswati day is celebrated by presenting offering to the books and lontars that is already pilled in the family temples or school temples. The students celebrate the Saraswati holyday at school, and the office-workers in their office. The celebration of Saraswati holyday must be conducted in the morning until noon. No celebration is held after 12 M. it is believed that the goddess Saraswati returns to heaven after 12 M and will not receive any homage and offering. In the afternoon of Saraswati day, Balinese are not permitted to read or write the book, since it is special day for all the books and lontars when all of them is given offering. In the evening, Balinese will read holy books in their houses or in the temple.

June 20, 2012


Pagerwesi mark s the beginning of Balinese Pawukon cycle with important message to stay aware and surround oneself with a strong fortification against the forces of evil all the year to come, these pledges clearly stated in the meaning of the word Pagerwesi. The word pager means fence and the word wesi means iron, on this day Balinese have to erect a strong fence against all evil forces. This holiday also marks the beginning of Galungan Holidays series.

June 24, 2012

The Sixth annual Biznet Bali International Triathlon
The Sixth Annual Biznet Bali International Triathlon will be held on June 24, 2012, the venue is choosen between the Ayana Resort and Spa, the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay and the Intercontinental Bali Resort, the race features an Olympic distance event and Sprint distance event. The Olympic Distance Course includes a 1.5 kilometer swim in the warm waters of Jimbaran Bay, a 40 kilometer bike ride on hilly paved roads and a 10 kilometer mostly flat run with a beach finish at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay. The Sprint Distance Course includes a 500 meter swim in the warm waters of Jimbaran Bay, a 20 kilometer flat and fast bike ride and a 5 kilometer flat run with a beach finish at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay. The 5k Run is a scenic 5 kilometer flat run with a beach finish at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay.

The top male and female winners of the Sprint Distance Race will be awarded a 6 day, 5 night package at Ayana Resort & Spa. The top male and female winners of the Olympic Distance Race will be awarded a 6 day, 5 night package at Four Seasons Bali. The top three athletes in each competing division will receive awards.

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