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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Kuningan Celebration and New Balinese Temple in Hamburg  

by on Tuesday, 2 September 2008One Comment | 2,398 views

On August 30th 2008, Balinese celebrated Kuningan holiday, a holiday to pay homage to ancestral spirits as they return to heaven after dwelling on earth for an extended period. However, on that day Kuningan holiday was not just celebrated in Bali but also in Hamburg.

Kuningan in Hanburg - German

50 Balinese families from all over German came to Hamburg to celebrate the Kuningan holiday some of them were willing to travel 800 km in order to preparea and celebrate the holiday with other Nyama Bali (Balinese brother and sister). They worked shoulder to shoulder with job assignment system as in Bali, for example Nyoman Sukahayadi led a team in charge in preparing the offering and Wayan Pica led the gamelan orchestra. The celebration of Kuningan in Hamburg was officiated by a High Priest, Ida Pandita Nabe Sri Bhagawan Dwija Warsa Nawa Sandhi, who flew to Hamburg few days before the celebration.

Kuningan in Hamburg - Jerman

The celebration Kuningan holiday that day was a special one since it also celebrated the breaking ground ceremony of a new Balinese temple in Hamburg, the first Balinese temple in Europe. The establishment of this first Balinese temple in Europe came into reality with great of Hamburg Municipality especially the Museum für Völkerkunde that allowed the Balinese to build their temple in front of the Museum’s building, and a German philanthropist who does not want to be named, he or she never goes to Bali but feel strong spiritual bound with Bali. This new temple will take the form of a Pura Jagad or public temple and will take one year for completion under the Undagi (temple builder) I Nyoman Arthana.

Kuningan in Hamburg - Jerman

For the Balinese who reside in German, this temple is a dream come true, headed by Luh Gde Wirahmini with the support of 50 nyama Bali (the number that have been listed so far) will work as hard as possible to craft the dream into reality.

Kuningan in Hamburg

Another special memory of this celebration of Kuningan for Nyama Bali in German was the moment they share together when preparing the ceremony. It been a long time for Nyama Bali in German to feel the feeling of working together. The bustling activities of the women preparing the offering, the voices of the singers who rehearsed the singing of religious hymn, the energizing sound gamelan rehearsal, combined with the strong delicious smell of grilled satay and the fragrance of sandalwoods which are used to make the holy water created a nuance that unmistakably Bali. No wander many Balinese who participated in the preparation of this ceremony moved into tears.

Kuningan in Hamburg - Jerman

This happy news manage to reach with courtesy of Mbok Aryani von Willemsburg

Kuningan in Hamburg - Jerman

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