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Name : Ratna Suranti
Message :

Dear Sir/Madam

In the awareness of great potential on Indonesia Tourism, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic Indonesia has a plan to promote all Indonesian tourism destination into promotional media, whether inform of printing of electronic (website). To create a good promotion media of MICE Tourism (printing or electronic), we need to collect many data from related sources. In the other words, Ministry Culture and Tourism can not work alone to reach a maximum result, but we need a good corporation from many related side.

http://blog.baliwww.com has a beautiful picture and text. We are interested to use those pictures and also the narration beside the picture in our promotion media. We need your approval to use those pictures and narration. can you give us your answer as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your valuable time and kind cooperation


Ratna Suranti
Deputy Director for Promotion in Electronic Media
JL. Medan Merdeka Barat
no.17 Jakarta 10110 Indonesia
Phone: (62-21) 383832323

Official Tourism Promotion Website: www.my-ndonesia.info
Official Tourism Department Website: www.budpar.go.id

Name : Lila Cita & Lila Bhawa
Message :Thank you, Bali & thank you, BALIwww.COMWe, Lila Cita, a Balinese gamelan group, along with Lila Bhawa, our sister Dance group, have just returned to London, UK, from our first Bali tour. The participation for the 28th PKB, Bali Arts Festival, was the main achievement of our trip, but during our two and a half weeks together on this magical island, we have collectively seen, done and learnt so much both musically and culturally. Thanks to our Balinese hosts and music/dance teachers (plus warm-hearted audience), our performances also succeeded beyond our expectations.http://blog.baliwww.com is full of interesting articles and beautiful visual data, especially relating to arts.The daily photo collection of PKB in the photo gallery are great asset to anyone interested in Balinese music and dance. We particularly treasure the set of photos which accompanied the article of our own PKB performance. Without enough resources, we couldn’t arrange a photographer to record our important stage. Please visit our homepage lilacita.com to see the rest of the collection BALIwww.COM kindly let us use.Thank you again from everyone from Lila Cita and Lila Bhawa.Lila Cita & Lila Bhawa
London, UK

Homepage: www.lilacita.com

Name : Paul Young
Message :HelloI would like to compliment you on an excellent blog and introduce you to our gamelan related site.The UK Gamelan Network website is for anyone who is interested in gamelan music and the related performing arts of Java, Bali and Sunda.We offer news and information on gamelan, dance and wayang performances, opportunities to play and resources for education.

We’ve added a link to your blog site on our links page.

Our website address is http://www.gamelannetwork.co.uk

Many thanks


Name: Hildred Geertz
Message:Dear Pak Sanat Kumara:I’m really sorry but I’m unable to write anything for your interesting blog. I have, however, one suggestion. Most blogs have a section called “About Us” which gives information about who writes in the blog entries. It’s very important for a reader to know exactly who wrote what about Bali, where their information came from, and exactly to which Balinese it pertains.

This is because there is so much variation — desa, kala, patra, remember! — in Bali, and so much change going on. Providing writer information would make your entries much more valuable.