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Thank you for those that have contributed articles and would love to welcome others. Any idea or topic will be considered in order to enrich the content of the blog.

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Contributors/Writers Profile

Ir. Made Widnyana Sudibya. IAI

Ir. Made Widnyana Sudibya. IAI was born in Klungkung on September 1, 1956.  1983, he finished his Architecture at Udayana University. Numbers of achievement have been awarded, among others are designing Puputan Badung Monument, winning photography on Bali Art Festival, research and make documentation on Desa Adat Tenganan.

He was contributor to the columns of the Bali Post from 1978 – 1991 and also Editor of Sarad Bali (Bali Culture Magazine)

Georges Breguet

Georges Breguet is a Swiss biologist and anthropologist and graduate of the University of Geneva. He first arrived in Indonesia in 1972 and since then has divided his time between Switzerland and Indonesia where he has made many scientific surveys. An art lover and collector, he is consultant to several museums and private collectors and has been guest curator for exhibitions dedicated to the arts and cultures of Indonesia in France and Switzerland. He is currently senior consultant to the Museum Pasifika – Nusa Dua – Bali.

Monte Monfore
Following the 2nd Bali bomb and resulting tourism decline humanitarian swimmer Monte Monfore made a commitment to bring positive, international media exposure to the island with his ocean swimming.  Since moving to Bali June 2004 nearly 1000 articles and TV news stories about his swimming efforts to improve the lives of others have appeared in national and international media, including hundreds of articles and videos on the worldwide net – every news story speaks about the American ocean swimmer who lives on the resort island of Bali.

Since 2004 Monte’s swim events have supported tsunami victims, Yogyakarta earthquake victims, hungry children and the poor, and promoted children’s education, ocean conservation, the protection of marine animals, and the fight against climate change and global warming.  His swimming supports United Nations, UNICEF, UNDP, World Food Program, Millennium Campaign, Greenpeace, and WWF initiatives. The swimmer recently orchestrated a UNICEF and Circle K partnership and is working on a project to assist raising $2.5 million for a nationwide polio immunization campaign to protect Indonesian children. Monte’s swimming also supports three children’s homes in Bali, including one for mentally and physically challenged youths.

Yuyun Ismawati
As waste management problems mount throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Yuyun Ismawati implements sustainable community-based waste and sanitation management programs that provide employment opportunities to low-income people and empower them to improve the environment.

Meghan Pappenheim
Originally from New York City, Meghan’s questing spirit took her to Bali in 1992 where she met her future husband Kadek. Since then they’ve created a vibrant group of inter-related companies in Ubud beginning with Tegun Galleri, a boutique featuring exotic crafts from all over Indonesia. In 2004 they opened KAFE, which quickly ebecame a popular bistro and meeting point featuring healthy cuisine. Upstairs is Ubud’s first dedicated Yoga Studio, which continues to attract an international following of teachers and students. The Yoga Shop opened in 2006, providing locally produced yoga clothing and accessories. Following the Bali bomb attack in 2002, Meghan launched a website to bring tourists back to Bali. Balispirit.com has since become the definitive site for Bali’s growing holistic scene, attracting 150,000 direct hits a month. The website is also the vehicle through which Meghan coordinates a network of holistic venues and services around the archipelago. Early 2008 will see the opening of the BaliSpirit Yoga barn, a beautifully crafted ricefield retreat in the centre of Ubud. But Meghan and Kadek’s most satisfying joint project is their daughter Bella, born in 2004.

Janet De Neefe
The creator of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, Janet De Neefe, has lived in Bali for over 20 years. She is the founder of two restaurants in Ubud, Casa Luna and Indus, as well as the Casa Luna Cooking School which is attended by hundreds of visitors each year, all eager to learn the secrets of Bali’s spicy cuisine. Her memoir/cookbook Fragrant Rice (HarperCollins 2003) is an account of her personal journey on this most exotic of islands, interspersed with mouth-watering Balinese recipes and insights into Balinese traditions. Janet has been nominated for the Nita B. Kibble Literary Award for women writers.

Edward Herbst’s ongoing work in Bali has involved the remarkable recordings made by Odeon-Beka in 1928. He initiated a repatriation project that involves publishing five CDs, which will include every gending released by Odeon-Beka (104 tracks), restored to maximum audibility, along with a collection of brief silent film excerpts shot in the 1930s by Colin McPhee, Covarrubias, and Rolf de Maré. CD#1, “Gamelan Gong Kebyar: Belaluan, Pangkung, Busungbiu,” will be released early June in New York and then soon after in Bali on DVD and cassette (project advisors are Madé Bandem, Wayan Dibia, and Endo Suanda). It took eight years to locate and gain access to all of the 78 rpm records, which have been preserved in archives throughout the world.

Henrice Vonck is a musician, educator and ethnomusicologist, whose dissertation on gender wayang in Tejakula, entitled Manis dan Keras, represents one of the few musicological researches on north Balinese music so far. She teaches at Codarts, University for the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since 1987 she is artistic leader of the Amsterdam based Balinese gamelan ensemble Irama, which has a long history of music projects and theatre productions with renowned Balinese artists in the Netherlands. She was coordinator of the first International Gamelan Festival Amsterdam (IGFA), which took place in June 2007 in the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Currently she is program coordinator of the IGFA 2010, and is preparing a new theatre production for Irama in close cooperation with I Made Wianta and I Made Arnawa.

Éric Vandal discovered Balinese music while studying composition at the Université de Montréal (UdeM). In 1998 he joins Giri Kedaton, the university’s gamelan gong kebyar, and has been assuming direction of the ensemble since 2006. In the last few years he has travelled frequently to Bali (thanks in part to grants from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec) to study with I Made Terip and I Putu Putrawan of Munduk. In 2007 he was awarded a scholarship grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). He is presently teaching Balinese gamelan at UdeM while completing his M.A in ethnomusicology, focusing on north Balinese kebyar music.

Maria Elena Bodmann
At Cal Arts Maria studied performance art, instrument building, and world music. In 1981 she built Orgatorium, an original musical performance apparatus, consisting of chimes anddrums constructed from industrial materials. Orgatorium presentations “A Concert on thePipe Organ” and “Across America/Made in Berlin” were included in the 1984 Cal Arts Contemporary Music Festival and Cal Arts in Town. These productions used medieval musictranscriptions, chance procedures, music concrete, tape manipulation, structured improvisationand new notation systems. Continuing with interdisciplinary endeavors for her MFA, Maria focused on Balinese arts, a culture dedicated to integrating performing and visual arts. In 1986 with the intention of creating a new generation of shadow theater, Maria left for Bali to learn the material needed to perform Balinese shadow theater. Upon returning in 1988, she founded Bali & Beyond, an ensemble of Los Angeles artists inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. Since thenshe continues to develop and present traditional shadow play and Gamelan music programs. She also produces original theater creations, and shares her varied cultural offerings with audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

Jennifer Johnston and her husband Yahn Smith traveled to Bali in October 2004 and fell in love with its beauty, the intense spirituality of the island,and its lovely and wonderful people. Jennifer worked in the field of law, is now retired and writes. Yahn is a graphics designer, artist and illustrator.  They currently live in Dallas, Texas after years living in Houston, Denver and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Linda Nederkoorn is an American who has lived half her life outside the United States. After moving to Singapore in 1979 she took the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Southeast Asia and in particular to some of the more remote areas of Indonesia.  With these travels, her love and interest in Asian culture grew. She and her husband, Robin, have a particular affection for Bali where they have recently constructed a villa In Jimbaran.

Linda grew up in New York where she was educated, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and worked in a variety of unexciting jobs. After moving to Singapore with her husband, she became involved with property development as well as some other entrepreneurial ventures. She taught English for a short time and is also a qualified Sogetsu Ikebana master. She and her husband now live in the UK, but are planning to return to the Far East shortly. Their two children are presently living and working in the United States.

Vaughan Hatch has immersed himself with Balinese culture, living with locals in Bali since 1997. He speaks fluent Indonesian and Balinese, and is unashamedly addicted to playing gamelan. A linguistic, archaeology and publishing graduate, he works for indOKiwi ‘linguistic and cultural solutions’ in Sanur. Email him on contact@indokiwibali.com for further queries.

Link: Mekar Bhuana Conservatory www.balimusicanddance.com

Graeme MacRae
(G.S.Macrae@massey.ac.nz ) teaches Social Anthropology at Massey University Auckland, New Zealand. He has been researching in Bali since 1993 and has published on a wide range of topics. Nowadays he tries to make his research useful by focusing on sustainable development projects. In his spare time he grows organic fruit and vegetables.

Kuntayuni was born in 1984, in Denpasar. Used to be active in “Akademika”, student press organisation in Udayana University and graduated from English Department Faculty of Letters Udayana Univ. in 2007.

Michelle Chin is a writer and arts management consultant based in Singapore and Ubud.  She has been living in Bali for most of the past twenty years.

Susi Johnston is an art historian and writer based in Bali. She has been writing about Indonesian history, art, literature and culture for the past twelve years, and has had her work published in magazines, newspapers and books around the world. She is the author of Bali Chic (Editions Didier Millet), and is currently working on a book about pioneering western “buccaneers” who travelled and traded in the more remote parts of Indonesia in the 1970s and 1980s, looking for tribal art, treasure and adventure.

Wayan Ari and Gin Simpson
Wayan Ari is from Sibetan village and Gin Simpson is an Australian volunteer working with the communities (see www.jed.or.id or email jed @ wisnu.or.id)

Elizabeth Rhoads (erhoads @ brynmawr .edu) is a senior anthropology student at Bryn Mawr College, writing her senior thesis on the Balinese identity discourse Ajeg Bali.

Ann Bouwma works as a journalist (culture and art, social issues, travel) and writer (novel: De Aarzeling, 2006) in Amsterdam.

Gusti Ngurah Putu Sidarta Wijaya was born in 1983, in a little village called Sibanggede, Badung, Bali. Graduated from English Department Udayana University in 2005, adventuring from one occupation to another, and finally end up in Baliwww.com, writing articles for this Blog.

Don Bennett is building a home in Simbuwuk Pejeng Kaja, where he and his wife of 40 years will reside for half the year (the dry season). Don and Sue is new members of the Ubud Rotary, and fundraises for the Ubud Schools Project when they are back in San Francisco California USA. Both travels extensively as their daughter and family lives in Madrid Spain.

Don was a high tech exec, in Silicon Valley until his retirement in 2001. Sue is still active in selling real estate on the San Francisco peninsula. Both are 4th generation Californians.

Mary Bartnikowski is an author and professional Photographer. Her book, Everyday Naked is available on Amazon. She has lead programs for Stanford University, Apple Computer, Intel, the Nepal Youth Foundation, and for non-profit foundations in Villa de Leyva, Columbia. She has also written, directed, and starred in both a short film and a stage play. For more info see her web site.

Rachel Greaves ’ childhood dream was to live on a tropical island and become a writer. She defied the ‘safe’ advice of her careers teacher and is now living her dream in Bali. She writes prolifically for Southeast Asian publications and international guidebooks.

Rucina Ballinger is a dancer, comedian and dance ethnologist who has lived in Bali since 1974. She heads the charity YKIP (www.ykip.org) which helps Balinese in need with education and health programs and is part of the all women’s Gamelan group Luh Luwih and the comedy singing group Grup Gedebong Goyang.  Email: rucina@indo.net.id

Ayu Bulantrisna Djelantik was born in Deventer Netherlands, 8 September 1947 as first daughter of Dr. A.A. Made Djelantik and Astri H Zwart. Began studying dance in the court of Karangasem from the age of 7 yrs and later went to villages to continue studies with some of Bali’s greatest dance masters: Ida Bagus Raka Bongkasa, I Kakul, I Mario and Gusti Biang Sengog .

I mostly danced Oleg and Condong Legong for the well known Gong Peliatan under leadership of Anak Agung Mandera

Gawain Gender: Male  Location: Thailand
I travel in Europe and Asia in search of classical arts, music and literatures. Twice a week I write here an essay about my most recent discovery/enthusiasm in order to share it with my friends.

Interests: philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, history, economics, finance, evolutionary psychology, linguistics, Balinese dance. Asian classical theater, Baroque music, modern classical music, Indian classical music, early Italian painting, Persian Miniatures, textiles, romances of chivalry, Japanese court poetry, Chinese Classical Poetry.

Jody Diamond is an American composer, performer, writer, publisher, and educator. She specializes in new music for the Indonesian Gamelan and is consider an international expert on the subject.

Ken Worthy is former or inactive member of Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Professor Adrian Vickers
BA PhD, Appointed 2007
Professor of South East Asian Studies
Room 637, Brennan MacCallum Building A18


Phone: +61 2 9351 2878
Fax: +61 2 9351 2319

I have been carrying out research on Indonesia for almost thirty years, and in that period have observed the shifts in relations between Australia and Indonesia. My disciplinary background is mainly in history, anthropology and cultural studies. As well as the Indonesian language, my research has involved drawing on sources in Balinese, Kawi (Old and Middle Javanese), and Dutch.