Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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No Money, No Balinese Youngsters Keep Creating Ogoh-Ogoh For this Year  

by on Saturday, 12 February 2011No Comment | 714 views

Ogoh-ogoh festival will be held a month later, on March 4th 2011, but Balinese youngsters have been preparing all things since a month ago. Now, in many Banjar, the smallest organization in Bali, you can see the frame of ogoh-ogoh (evil giant statue) made from bamboo has been done.

Last year youngster community in each Banjar in Denpasar city was given funding IDR 3.000.000 for the making of Ogoh-ogoh by the Mayor. But unluckily, this year the youngster community or Sekaa Teruna Teruni (STT) has to raise fund by themselves. “Well when mayor can’t help us does not mean we have to not making Ogoh-ogoh,” said Budi Satriya, the leader of STT Banjar Dukuh, Kesiman.

He and the other members of STT started to raise fund from the companies located in Banjar Dukuh territory. A simple ogoh-ogoh will cost them IDR 2.500.000-3.000.000. Of course, the money which has been collected from those companies is not enough. However, similar to other STT, STT Banjar Dukuh still has money saving from the members’ regular contributions. When we see this reality, it seems Balinese youngsters would rather do their utmost to create evil giant statue that will be burnt at the end of the festival than keeping money for other purposes.

“It is matter of habit and matter of the prestige. It feels so weird when we don’t create Ogoh-ogoh,” Budi continued. For him and Balinese youngsters, that is no big deal if the Mayor or local government does not fund them as long as ogoh-ogoh is not banned like a few years ago. “When it is banned, it is like extinguishing our creativity and enthusiasm,” said him.

Now Budi and Balinese youngsters are indulging themselves in assembling the bamboos and making ogoh-ogoh, the giant statue as real as possible on time. It doesn’t only cost them rupiah but also time and energy. “We are tired but also fun. We work together until late at night while laughing or chatting,” said Budi closing the conversation.

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