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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Omed-omedan: A Unique Ritual Part 2  

by on Wednesday, 17 March 2010No Comment | 3,871 views

Omed-omedan is held in a day after Nyepi (silence day) by people of Banjar Kaja, Sesetan village, South Denpasar. The teenagers who belong to this Banjar play the main role on this tradition. They -the boys and the girls- embrace each other by turns with wet body. They push a chosen boy and a chosen girl’s waist until they embrace and kiss ech other then he and she are pulled back to their initial position (see the complete information of omed-omedan on the previous posting).


Omed-omedan come from ‘omed’ meant pull. Many people outside Banjar Kaja often call omed-omedan with med-medan. “Actually, this tradition was held on Nyepi day,” said I Wayan Sunarya, Kelian Adat (Head of Banjar) Banjar Kaja. In the bygone days, Raja Puri Oka, authority of Sesetan village, was sick. He was still sick until Nyepi but the teenagers of Banjar Kaja were bored staying in home during the silence day. So, they went out gathered together. They played and chatted noisily that Raja Puri Oka was disturbed. Raja Puri Oka felt angry and commanded them to get in their house. But a miracle happened. Raja Puri Oka got well and became really healthy. Since that day, Raja Puri Oka told Banjar Kaja’s teenagers to do ‘omed-omedan’ in Nyepi Day.


“In colonial period, we were asked not to do omed-omedan on Nyepi day,” added Sunarya. Without any wonder, Nyepi is not proper time to make noise. Then Omed-omedan is held on a day after Nyepi. There was an occasion in colonial time, the people of Banjar Kaja-ever did not hold this tradition. “Then two pigs came and fight in front of Banjar Kaja. It turns out, it was a sign from god that omed-omedan had to hold every year,” explained Sunarya. Until this time omed-omedan is still held annually.


On that day, many parents hope their teenagers will get a mate trough this omed-omedan. Suprisingly, in this Banjar, there are some couples which started their relationships from omed-omedan. “So I prove it,” said Sunarya. He did not feel anything to Ni Putu Yarniathi before omed-omedan. They were a friend. “But I don’t know after omed-omedan ‘that’ feeling came,” he recalled. They got marriage and this year their marriage reach 30 years. “I am very happy, now I have three children and many grandsons,” he said. Whoo… so romantic isn’t it?. Unfortunately, for those who are not the member of Banjar Kaja are not allowed joining this tradition, except as audiences.


This tradition is not a sacred tradition like Pangrebongan in Kesiman village. However this tradition is so entertaining. Wanna see? Get ready on next year.

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