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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Picking Up The Core of Peace and Happiness  

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Yesterday, 7/2/2007, a sacred, joyful Mendak Bagia Pulakerti (picking up the core of peace and happiness) ceremony was held in my village, Sibanggede, in Badung Regency. This ceremony was held as a part of Medudus Agung, a rare once-every-30-year ceremony. The main activity of this ceremony is a journey to pick up the sacred Bagia Pulakerti (core of peace and happiness) offerings from the oldest temple of the surrounding area and bring them to the temple where the Medudus Agung Ceremony is held.



The Mendak Bagia Pulakerti ceremony in my village was commenced late in the afternoon. Thousands of people walk from the Pura Dalem (death temple) of my village to Pada Suci Temple where the Bagia Pulakerti offerings were kept. It was a joyful procession; we brought a semar pegulingan (god of love) orchestra to lead the way and two baleganjur orchestras to burn up the spirit, one in the middle and one at the back of the procession. The euphoria was in the air one hour journey to the Pada Suci temple seemed only a few moments of walk.



When we arrived at Pada Suci temple, the priest of the temple allowed only the elders of the village to enter the temple, since the temple could not accommodate all members of the procession. The priest of the temple presented the offerings that were brought by the members of the procession and led the praying session. After the praying session was finished, the Bagia Pulakerti offerings were allowed to be brought to our Pura Dalem (death temple).



The journey back home was full with cheers and shouts, the sweet and soft melody of semar pegulingan orchestra led the way, and the baleganjur orchestras were placed in front and at the back of the Bagia Pulakerti’s carriers to fuel up their spirits. The members of the processions were increased on the back home journey created a long traffic jam.



The Bagia Pulakerti offerings arrived at the Pura Dalem early in the evening, they are welcomed with deep and melodious sound of Ketungan instrument and a truckload of offerings; after the welcoming ceremony was finished the Bagia Pulakerti offerings were placed at a special pavilion made for them.



What is the significance of Bagia Pulakerti that makes it worth to be handled with a great respect? Bagia Pulakerti is the symbol of the seed of peace and happiness; it is the core of the Medudus Agung ceremony; at the conclusion of this rare ceremony, the Bagia Pulakerti will be buried in the ground or place where the Medudus Agung ceremony is held. The burying of Bagia Pulakerti means that we have to sow the seed of peace and happiness in our heart so one day we will ripe the fruit of peace and happiness.

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