Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Thu, 5/06/14 – 9:52 | No Comment

Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Farewell To Ni Ronji, Farewell To An Inspirational Woman
Wednesday, 17 Nov, 2010 – 18:08 | One Comment
Farewell To Ni Ronji, Farewell To An Inspirational Woman

Shocking news came from Blanco’s sanctuary in Campuhan, Ubud, on Sunday (25/11). Ni Ronji, beloved wife of the late Don Antonio Blanco has passed away because of little accident in her home. Everybody from Indonesian …

East – West : Trough Woman at Alila Ubud Gallery – Bali
Tuesday, 23 Mar, 2010 – 6:16 | No Comment
East – West : Trough Woman at Alila Ubud Gallery – Bali

East – West : Trough Woman
Curator by: Aminudin TH. Siregar.
Hansen Thiam Sun, born in Toho, West Borneo, is a pioneer artist of minimalism painting in Indonesia. This written evidence can be found in testimonial section …

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad
Tuesday, 23 Feb, 2010 – 14:57 | 2 Comments
I Gusti Nyoman Lempad

Title : The Dagger Attack On Rangda
Artist : I Gusti Nyoman Lempad
Media : Ink and tempera on papper
Size : 24 x 33 cm
Year : 1939s
Courtesy : Neka Art Museum
I Gusti Nyoman Lempad might …

Wednesday, 13 Jan, 2010 – 13:30 | No Comment

Pengosekan is a village unique in Bali producing art for the village itself. Their motto “By the village for the village“ reflects this community spirit.

 Pengosekan is located in south Ubud, and for many years has …

Palelindon: Treatise on Earthquake
Saturday, 15 Aug, 2009 – 13:24 | One Comment
Palelindon: Treatise on Earthquake

Earthquake for Balinese is not merely a disaster; there is a hidden meaning or a prophecy, in every occurrence of earthquake. Armed with the sacred Palelindon (treatise on earthquake) manuscript, for hundreds of years, Balinese …

The Art of Glass Painting in Nagasepaha Buleleng
Friday, 7 Aug, 2009 – 6:23 | One Comment
The Art of Glass Painting in Nagasepaha Buleleng

Buleleng regency has many unique handicraft products in its repertoire, one of them is glass painting. The art of glass painting can be found in the village of Nagasepaha, near Singaraja. The glass painting art …

Nico Vrielink And the Gekko was there too…
Wednesday, 4 Feb, 2009 – 14:07 | No Comment
Nico Vrielink  And the Gekko was there too…

Nico Vrielink is an esteemed painter born in 1958 in Reusel in the south part of the Netherlands. He was educated at an Academie of Art in Belgium to become a teacher. But teaching wasn’t …

Bali Art Festival 2008
Friday, 13 Jun, 2008 – 16:04 | 4 Comments
Bali Art Festival 2008

Tomorrow, Saturday (6/14/08) Bali Art Festival, a month-long festival participated by all regencies in the province of Bali and from other provinces in Indonesia and several foreign participants, like USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, will be …

I Gusti Made Deblog
Thursday, 15 May, 2008 – 16:45 | No Comment
I Gusti Made Deblog

Ubud is indisputable center of Balinese art especially for painting with its numerous talented artists and many excellent paintings. However there are artists of talent emerge outside Ubud whose style and substance appear to develop …

Hell a la Balinese
Saturday, 16 Feb, 2008 – 15:16 | No Comment
Hell a la Balinese

Hell from Balinese point of view can be seen in the ceiling of the Kertha Gosa, the traditional courtroom of Gelgel Kingdom in the heart of Semarapura town, Klungkung Regency. I think picture will tell …

Permanent Exhibition of Anak Agung Made Djelantik’s Watercolor Paintings in Arma Museum
Friday, 11 Jan, 2008 – 23:36 | No Comment
Permanent Exhibition of Anak Agung Made Djelantik’s Watercolor Paintings  in Arma Museum

A permanent exhibition room in Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) is immortalized as Anak Agung Made Djelantik Room to honour Anak Agung Made Djelantik’s dedication for art and culture of Bali especially Balinese painting. …

Kamasan Classic Puppet Painting Style
Wednesday, 4 Oct, 2006 – 16:59 | No Comment
Kamasan Classic Puppet Painting Style

Kamasan is a Balinese village located in the regency of Klungkung that is renowned for the diversity of arts and crafts produced there. Skilled artisans’ turn out goods made from bamboo, wood, iron and even …

Walter Spies – More Story
Saturday, 17 Jun, 2006 – 12:13 | No Comment
Walter Spies – More Story

Walter Spies was born September 15, 1895 in Moscow as the son of a German diplomat. He grew up in an intellectual and art-minded environment. As a child he already had a great interest in …

Walter Spies at 111
Friday, 16 Jun, 2006 – 10:24 | One Comment
Walter Spies at 111

Exhibition of Rare Photos By and About Walter Spies Throught August 8, 2006 at Ubud’s ARMA Museum.
Sponsored by The Spies Family Foundation of Germany, Walter Spies 1895 – 2006 is the result of careful research …

Museums in Bali
Wednesday, 15 Feb, 2006 – 17:14 | 4 Comments
Museums in Bali

Address : Mayor Wisnu Street,Denpasar
Opening Hours : Sundays-Thursday: 08.00-15.00, Fridays 08.00-12.30, Saturdays and public holidays closed
Facilities : Exhibitions and bookshop
Address : Jl. Raya Ubud, Bali
Opening hours :09.00-17.00 dailly
Facilities : Exhibitions and bookshop