Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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The Origin of Balinese  

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Far before Majapahit or Royal Family in Bali existed, Bali was a part of Java Island and it was not separated by a sea strait, which is occupied by some indigenous plants and animals without the existence of humans. But a magical message made a holy man move to the east together with 8000 people. Starting from that era, Bali existed.  This story is taken from a holy book named Markandeya Parwa and Agastya Parwa. And the story has begun…

Markandya, a holy man, lived as an ascetic, was in his fully-concentrated asceticism in Dieng mountains but because of being bothered by the devil he decided to move to the east and finally continued his asceticism in the Raung foothills, East Java. At this sacred place he heard the words of the One and Only to open up the forest to the east as the new place for population movement. He and 8000 people of Wong Aga -the native community of Raung who are a mixture of Javanese and Indians- executed those magical words with a big hope to find a fertile land and water springs.

Yet the big hope turned out to be nothing. The virgin forest primeval was so deathful for its wild animals. As the consequence, many of them died and the remains of people decided to go back to Raung. And Markandya again continued his asceticism. In this stage, he got the different words ordering him to do something for the sake of success in opening up the forest. At this moment, he was very eager. Inviting 4000 other Wong Aga to come along, Markandeya started the journey and continued to an area to execute something important which could make the plan succeed.

He went to Agung foothill and buried 5 different metals (people believe these metals, named Panca Datu, can avert calamity) there. Markandeya then named this area Basuki or Besakih, in which now Balinese people recognize it as the holiest and the biggest temple in Bali. After this, Markandeya and Wong Aga started to open up the forest and finally they reached success. Wong Aga began to live in the foothill.

The area where Wong Aga lived is known as Bali taken from the word ‘kembali’ come back in English, because Markandeya came back to Raung after his first attempt failed. Some people consider Bali’s meaning is ‘firm conviction’. And the descendants of these Wong Aga are nowadays called Wong Bali Aga or the old primitive Balinese people. The story of Bali from time to time including the history of Balinese was compiled by I Wayan Subaga.

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