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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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The Significances of Pangerebongan (Mass Trance) Ritual  

by on Friday, 22 February 2008One Comment | 3,433 views

The capital city in every region in the world is usually populated by people from many different areas and ethnics. In addition the capital city is usually more developed socially, economically, than others cities. It becomes more sophisticated so does Denpasar; as capital city of Bali. Is there any original unique culture from Denpasar which is still alive?


The answer is yes. Nevertheless there are so many people of Denpasar do not realize that they still have “Pangerebongan” (mass trance ritual). “Pangerebongan” is always held twice a year by people who live around the Kesiman Village, East Denpasar.

Eight days after Kuningan holiday, the community of Kesiman village gather in Pura Petilan (well known as Pura Dalem Pangrebongan since the pangerebongan ritual is held in this temple) using traditional costume. The main role is played by the Kesiman community. However this ritual is open to all of people who want to come.

People of Kesiman usually called Pengrebongan as a big meeting. This meeting is not only attended by the people but also by gods and goddesses who reside in temples which are located around of Kesiman village. The gods and goddesses which are symbolized by the wood statue are place on the head of women; some of the gods and goddesses are symbolized by Barong and Rangda. Then the women go to the Pura Dalem Pangrebongan on foot from their temple.

According to Ni Wayan Nambrig, one of Kesiman women, on the day of the Pangerebongan (this ritual always held eight days after Kuningan and fall on a Sunday), early in morning the Kesiman people come to that temple. They pray and pay homage to the gods and goddesses. In the afternoon, more and more people come not only for praying but also watching the core of this ritual, the mass trance.


As a matter of belief, this ritual is held to save all of people of Kesiman from disasters, damage, dangerous disease, and others bad things. People of Kesiman really believe that something bad will happen if they do not hold this ritual. What do make people of Kesiman really believe it? And what are the sequent processes of Pangrebongan? The answers are on the next posting.

The information for this article are taken from I Gusti Kt. Gde Arsana’s thesis “ Fungsi Upacara Ngrebong Bagi Masyarakat Desa Kesiman” and interview with Ni Wayan Nambrig, 83 years old.

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