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Through the Eyes of Balinese High Priest:Trihitakarana for UNFCCC  

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Here is another good articles on climate change by Balinese high priest Sri Bhagawan Dwija Warsa Nawa Sandi from Buleleng regency who has great concern on environment and climate change without further ado here is the words of Bhagawan Dwija.


The relevancy to the world climate change anticipation
By : Bhagawan Dwija

Mpu Kuturan who came to Bali at 11 AD by request of King Udayana and Gunapriadharmapatni, not only succeed to unite various existing Hinduism sects at that time under Trimurti belief system, but also have placed social religious life foundation in the form of Desa Pakraman. Desa Pakraman as Hindu-Bali community, is developed with Trimurti belief where God with his manifestation as Brahma, Siwa, and Wisnu are placed at Pura Desa for Brahma, Pura Dalem for Siwa, and Pura Segara or Pura Puseh for Wisnu. These three Puras, known as Trikahyangan. Based on that, concept of Trihitakarana also developed, with human as central or determinant for kindliness and prosperity. Trihitakarana means three things needed to make kindliness and prosperity happen, i.e Parhyangan (well-balanced and harmonious relation between human with God); Pawongan (well-balanced and harmonious relation between human with each others); and Palemahan (well-balanced and harmonious relation between human with environment).

The relation between Trihitakarana with the concept of Trimurti, Trikahyangan, and Trikayaparisudha, i.e.: to reach life with prosperity in both aspect, physical and spiritual (mokshartam jagaditaya ca iti dharmah), human should be able to implement Trikayaparisudha : good in thinking, speaking, and activity. All of them based on Trihitakarana with Trimurti as main belief (srada) in worship to Siwa at Pura Dalem for implementation of Parhyangan, Pura Desa, besides as place of Brahma, also used for activities related to social life (Pawongan), and Pura Segara or Pura Puseh, besides as place of Wisnu, also used for activities related to environment treatment (Palemahan).

Since 11 AD, Bali that been arranged with those concepts from Mpu Kuturan, succeed to reach the golden age, culminating at period of King Dalem Waturenggong (1460 – 1550). As homage and gratitude for service of Mpu Kuturan to arrange life of Balinese, then at every Pura and Sanggah Pamerajan, there is pelinggih Manjangan Saluwang as a place of worship to Mpu Kuturan.

Trihitakarana in development of human being civilization

Trihitakarana has applied all around the world, in so many activities by individual, group, state, even by United Nation Organization. Of course not use terminology: Trihitakarana, but the most important is human of the world have realized that the truth of that concept has been proven. As examples, human will not live in a good way when they lack of belief to the power of God, human being will also not live in quiet and peace when there are conflicts like wars and terrorisms; human also realize that if they destroy the nature, they will become the natural disaster victim. Various organizations at regional, national, and international level have been formed to implement Trihitakarana, completely or partially. Also, there are WHO, Red Cross, Green Peace, Security Council of UNO, Peace Troopers of UNO, etc. Trihitakarana, in its implementation by non Hindu-Bali residents, is individual concept, means there is no relation to other concepts mentioned previously like Trimurti, Tri Kahyangan, and Trikaya Parisudha. A lot of questions can appear because of this non relationship. The concept of Trihitakarana by Mpu Kuturan has elements related to each others. For example human activities need to take care of the natural preservation relied on their loyalty to the God, with an objective for prosperity for everyone at Desa Pakraman. Globally, in implementation of Trihitakarana, it is possible its elements have no tight interrelation like that. For example, turtle preservation group, protects turtle population from extinction, but need to be asked, whether that activity relied on loyalty to the God? Also, is that for mankind prosperity?

Trihitakarana, its relation with Panca Mahabhuta

Lontar “Buana Kosa” mentions human body created by the God from universe elements so-called: pertiwi, apah, bayu, teja, and akasa. From that, there are two definitions of panca mahabhuta, i.e. panca mahabhuta in the form of human body known as buana alit, and panca mahabhuta in the form of universe known as buana agung. Analogy comes from thinking of Mpu Kuturan, i.e.: human body as place of Sanghyang Atma (Brahman) is sacred and must be taken care well. So do universe, also must be taken care well, because human body (buana alit) is also universe (buana agung).

Trihitakarana, its relation with Nyepi

Nyepi for celebration of New Year Saka by Hindu-Bali community every “penanggal ping pisan sasih kadasa” (date one at month 10th, according to calendar Saka-Bali) is a real example of implementation of Trihitakarana. One day before Nyepi, tawur kasanga ceremony is conducted (bhuta yadnya by the end of month 9th). Bhuta Yadnya here means “sacrifice to request harmonious nature”. At Nyepi, Hindu-Bali community do catur berata (four prohibitions), i.e.: 1. Amati karya (no work), 2. Amati gni (no light), 3. Amati lelungaan (stay at home), 4. Amati lelanguan (no amusement).

Thereby, implementation of Trihitakarana at Nyepi is seen clearly, from aspect parhyangan, pawongan, and palemahan. Aspect Parhyangan is seen when Hindu-Bali community do meditation, and pray to worship the highness of the God; aspect pawongan is seen by activity of dharma santih (visit and forgive for any mistake to each other); aspect palemahan is seen by objective of tawur kesanga mentioned previously, and with the existence of catur berata, human will not pollute the air with any kind of unwanted gasses that come from combustion process.

Trihitakarana, the relevancy to the World Climate Change anticipation

Based on previous description then implementation of Trihitakarana with human as the central point, involved three unseparated elements i.e.: Parhyangan, Pawongan, and Palemahan. Human efforts to take care of the natural preservation (palemahan) is not possible in better way if they forget the loyalty to God ( parhyangan) and without love to each others (pawongan). Because of various religions or belief in the world, the concept of Trihitakarana can be adjusted with their religion or belief. Holy book from various religions might possibly mention that matter, or possibly more clearly and explicitly said that: If human destroy the environment, the environment will do the same thing to human. This is very logical action-reaction relationship based on various examples of natural disaster because of human destruction.

World Climate change coming from nature destruction by modern technology. Nature covers the continent, ocean, space, and atmosfir. Continent destruction happens because of the increasing number of human population results in decrease of forest and crop. Sea and other water source pollution come from contamination from industrial disposal or dwelling place. Space contamination because of air pollution, as impact of progress in technology. Contamination of atmosfir because of the use of atmosfir as shambles, for various need of communications or space project.

It is seem likely that there are two contrary fundamental matters, i.e. demand for technology progress at one side, and natural preservation at the other side.


World Climate Change as impact from global warming can be anticipated if:
1. There is same perception from all countries in the world, that Trihitakarana concept has its elements that cannot be run separately, with fundamental belief to God. Trihitakarana aims for the prosperity of people. It is a very ideal situation when nations in world can accept Nyepi as an effort to preserve the universe; if possible UNFCCC/UNO can decide one day in a year, where all earthlings at that time do “a silent day”. We propose the date: 23 September, because at that moment the sun is going to south latitude, or in Bali recognized as daksinayana.
2. Every country plans constraint of natural sources use for technology – industry.
3. Every country plans environment preservation program in effectively and realistic way.
4. UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), as a special organization under UNO that handles problem of climate change, need to make clear formula and applicable about efforts that must be conducted by each country in the world for protecting its environment. UNO do not give the opportunity to any state to avoid its obligation to preserve the nature for reason of economic growth, industrialization, and other effort is so-called as “Emission Trading”
5. UNFCCC imposes strict punishment to state which break the commitment of protection natural preservation such as those which have been agreed at point 4 above.


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For more information on Bhagawan Dwija you can check,

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