Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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TOGEL, A Unique Blend of Mathematic and Mystic  

by on Friday, 17 November 2006No Comment | 7,861 views

Togel equivalent to Nomer in Balinese language is a kind of lottery in which the player guess a series of number, consist of four digit numbers, player can guess all four digit numbers, last three digit or last two digit numbers. If you succeed guessing all four digits numbers your bet will be multiplied by a hundred, succeed in last three digit numbers you will receive fifty times more money than your bet. Succeed in guessing last two digit numbers your bet is multiplied by ten.



An ordinary lottery at first but when it in contact with Balinese it becomes a unique socio-cultural phenomena. What make it unique? In guessing the number the ordinary procedure is to guess it by pure animal instinct or the dealer supplied a hint usually a poem and an almanac to translate the word of the poem into series of number. But for Balinese poem has no significant the best way to get the lucky numbers is through the spiritual effort mainly through dream, natural or accidental phenomena (kode alam), consulting a soothsayer and pilgrimage to spooky place. For the convenience of the readers I will describe it one by one.



Dream is always a first choice for Balinese players. When a player had a certain dream he will find the number of his dream in dream almanac and use that number as a basic number for series of complex mathematical calculation involving addition, omission, multiplication and sometimes permutation and chance formula are applied, but there is no universal formula, each player has his own series of mathematical calculation and formula. It is always a miracle to me how two digit numbers can be converted into four. I give you an example in order to get a better understanding. If a Balinese had a dream about a crazy person, he will consult the dream almanac for the number of crazy person. The number of crazy person in dream almanac is 87. Now he has 87 as his basic number. He has to apply a series of mathematical calculation to this number in order to get a four digit numbers or just use this number to guess the last two digit numbers without any calculation.



Guessing the lucky numbers with the help of accidental or natural phenomena (kode alam) is always amusing to me. Some good examples will explain everything. When a Balinese encounter a traffic accident blocking his way it is a Kode Alam for him, the registration number (plate numbers) of that unfortunate car or motorcycle is his lucky numbers. If there is a snake slip into a Balinese house that is surely his Kode Alam, he will find the number of snake in dream almanac and I am sure you know what he will do next.



Consulting soothsayers is a better option for Balinese, at least there is some else to be blame when the lucky numbers turn to be a bad luck numbers. Balinese will bring an offering to the soothsayers usually on an auspicious day and the soothsayers will act as a medium for a certain spirit to help the player, he will asks for the lucky numbers to the spirit through the soothsayers. Pilgrimage to spooky place for lucky numbers is always an exciting story for me. The pilgrimage is usually held during the night on auspicious day such as Kajeng Kliwon (occur every 15 days based on traditional Pawukon Cycle). The player brings an offering and meditates in spooky place such as cemetery, cave, river, or under a big banyan tree. The player asks for a lucky numbers to the spirit in that spooky place.

The quest for lucky numbers is an exciting activity full of mystic flavor, but usually the spirit only gives a hint not numbers and to extract the numbers from that hint a painful ordeal through labyrinth of mathematical calculation is definitely necessary.

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