Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Tropical Fruit of Bali  

by on Wednesday, 8 February 200622 Comments | 341,474 views

Bali has an abundance of fruit with many varieties that are a lot more interesting than just your average apple or orange. Tropical fruits come in strange colours, shapes and textures, yet each is quite exotic in its own way.

Just about everyone seems to enjoy the mangosteen which has been referred to as the ‘Queen of Fruits’. Slightly smaller than a tennis ball with a deep purple skin, the inside reveals 4-8 pinky-white edible segments that are delicately sweet.

One of the oddest looking tropical fruit in Bali is the rambutan, also known as hairy fruit. This reflects the fruits most unusual skin of soft rubbery spines that are crimson in colour. Inside is a single piece of sweet translucent flesh that surrounds a woody seed. The whole segment is pooped into the mouth and the tangy flesh nibbled off leaving only the inedible seed.

Another unusual fruit is the salak, which is recognized by its teardrop shape and brown scaly snake-like peel. The fruit inside consists of a large segment and one or two smaller lobes that tastes pleasantly crisp with the consistency of a carrot. Salak is not a remarkable tasting fruit, yet it grows abundantly in Bali’s drier regions and is readily available at the local marketplace.

The seasonal fruit called durian is a great favourite within the Asian community and because it is such a delicacy it can be quite expensive. Known for its pungent odour that many Westerners find quite offensive, this controversial fruit is often banned from hotels and restaurants. Durian generally comes in the shape of a coconut, often larger, with a thick pale green outer rind that is covered with sharp thorns. Once cut open with a butcher’s cleaver, the inside reveals sections of creamy pulp that surrounds large seeds.

Banana, mango, papaya, pineapple and coconut are also some of the types of tropical fruits that are plentiful in Bali. A platter of seasonal fresh fruits or a delicious blended juice makes a refreshing holiday breakfast.

Mangosteen Fruit Rambutan Fruit Salak Fruit Durien Fruit

Banana Fruit Mango Fruit papaya Fruit Pineapple Fruit Coconut Fruit

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    • florida oranges said:

      I think the main reason we don’t see rambutan in the USA is because how easily it bruises during transportation.

      Other little facts: Rambutan trees bear twice annually, once in late fall and early winter with a shorter season in late spring and early summer. The fragile nutritious fruit must ripen on the tree, then they are harvested over a four to seven week period. The fresh fruit are easily bruised and have a limited shelf life.

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      Bali is a fertile land, has so many kind of fruits. But still, i think the most popular Bali’s fruit among the Indonesian people is Salak Bali (Salak = zallaca palm)

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      I am searching for the nutritious values of tropical fruits of Indonesia, like sawo, rambutan etc. It is hard to find references on them. If anyone knows where the sources of those information are, please let me know.

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