Land for sale at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bali
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Total area of 38000 square meter of land is nestled in Tanjung Balangan; on the beach, white sand, magnificent cave, cliffs ocean view. And Airport in distance is blinking with lights. New Kuta Resort and …

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Where to go in Denpasar  

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There are many interesting places you can visit in Denpasar, but since the temples in Denpasar are not visited quite often by the tourists so there is no temple dress available to be hired there, it is advisable for you to bring a sarong and sash with you. Here are some interesting places you can visit in Denpasar.

Bali Museum  is located at the center of Denpasar city, exactly on Mayor Wisnu Street, stretching out from north to south approximately 140 meters with its entrance gate faces to the west or to Mayor Wisnu Street that is closed for the public transportation except for the museum visitors. The grounds and architecture of the museum are quite charming. This museum houses and exhibits cultural components of Bali, which can be classified into collections of: history, archaeology, ethnography and fine arts in four different pavilions. The main pavilion has a great collection including ancient stone, bronze and wooden artifact. The southern pavilion houses many textiles, the northern pavilion concentrate on the history of Balinese performance art, and the central pavilion is devoted to Balinese Hinduism and ritual.

Next to the museum is Jagatnatha Temple, the biggest state temple in Denpasar which was built in 1953. This temple is packed with devotees on holiday, dark moon and especially new moon, traditional performance such as shadow puppet is held around the temple on these occasions.

Balinese People’s Struggle Monument is located at Jl Raya Puputan. Its shape looks like a bell with spacious lawn surrounding the monument. The main building itself also consist of three parts those are : Nistaning Utama Mandala (first floor), Madyaning Utama Mandala (the second floor), and Utamaning utama mandala (the third floor). In the first floor you can find  Information booth, Staff Room, Exhibition Room, Library, Souvenir Shop, Meeting Room, and Toilet. The exhibition room exhibits interesting artifacts range from documentary photos to documentary letters about the history of Bali. The second floor houses 33 dioramas of Balinese history. Diorama no 1 until 15 tell about Balinese in pre-history and Balinese Kingdom and diorama no 16 until 33 tell about Balinese people struggle against the Dutch. The topmost floor gives you a bird-eye view of Denpasar City.

Art Centre, also known as Taman Werdhi Budaya is located in Jalan Nusa Indah, Denpasar. The Art Center Complex houses various buildings for various purposes. These five traditional Balinese style buildings are connected with a pathway, with ponds, gardens and bridge among them. Each of the five buildings is respectively known as “Mahudara Mandhara Giri Bhuwana” is used as the main building for art exhibition; “Oncecrawa” is used for occasional workshops and exhibitions; “Amertha Saraswati” is used as a library; “Ardha Candra” is used for open air performances and “Ksirarnawa” is used for indoor performances. This complex is the venue of Bali Art Festival, the festivities and feasts of art and culture that last for a month long.

Pura Maospahit or Maospahit Temple is located at Jl Sutomo. This is an ancient temple with a long and glorious history dated back to 14th century. This is a temple typical of the peak of the Majapahit period being constructed largely from red brick. Sadly, much of it was destroyed in the early 20th century earthquake but there are some original remnants including the guardian statues in the inner courtyard. This is a charming temple and one which is seldom patronized by tourists.

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